Cord Hosenbeck And Tish Cattigan Are Back To Host The Royal Wedding

Ferrell and Shannon will appear on-air as their alter-egos Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan.

Royal wedding mania has officially hit but thankfully, we’ve got a couple of TV pros to help us make sense of the craziness.

That’s right, Will Ferrell and Molly Shanon are back as their on-air alter-egos Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan just in time to give us their trademark commentary on all things regal.

The Saturday Night Live alums are set to host a live coverage of the wedding for HBO and they’ll be documenting the happy nuptials between Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle as the satirical duo they made famous during the Rose Bowl Parade a few months ago.

The pair covered the annual parade as fictional TV hosts Hosenbeck, a “celebrated dog breeder” and Cattigan, a former Ms. Arizona runner-up, for Amazon Prime on New Year’s day. The sketch, produced by Ferrell’s Funny or Die, saw the comedians playing a pair of whacky news commentators documenting the parade with some awkward back-and-forth banter and jokes about Donald Trump, depression, and their fear of horses. The segment was a parody of professional news stations that regularly cover the event but even so, plenty of Amazon Prime subscribers didn’t seem to get the joke.

The skit divided people on the internet with the streaming special receiving nearly 1,400 one-star reviews, mostly from users who thought the coverage was real and who didn’t recognize Ferrell and Shannon as the famed comedians they are, despite the duo dropping in by Jimmy Kimmel Live! in character a month before the Rose Bowl Parade aired. In an interview with Kimmel, the two talked up their “storied” career and even gifted Kimmel a Christmas album they had made.

Despite all of the confusion and backlash to their Parade commentary, HBO has tapped the pair to do their same schtick during the royal wedding this year. Beginning at 7:30 a.m. EST on May 19, Hosenbeck and Cattigan will guide fans through the wedding preparations from London before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say their “I Do’s.”

The two even shot a promo across the pond for the special and if you think Hosenbeck and Cattigan will have things together this time around, think again. Their’s might not be the most traditional and reliable of the wedding coverage on the big day, but it will be the funniest.
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