Coronation Street’s biggest blunders: 8 times viewers have picked up on awkward script mistakes on soap

Coronation Street has been on our TV screens since 9 December 1960, can you believe it? When the soap first aired it was watched by a whopping 3.5 million people, as the likes of Bill Roache, who is still starring on the show, took to our screens for the first time.

Ever since, Corrie has become a staple in millions of people’s homes, with most reaching for the remote at 7:30pm to get their fix. Altogether, that’s a mammoth 9,995 episodes aired of the show so far, and with that amount there are sure to be hiccups every now and again.

So, whilst the show is currently airing less than usual, and filming has ceased as a result of coronavirus, here’s a look back at all of the soap’s biggest blunders to keep you amused, from Kevin Webster forgetting his son’s death, to a stand-in Eileen.

When Corrie bosses accidentally hired a 25 year old to play a 14 year old

Some people might look a little younger than they are, granted. Yet, when Corrie bosses hired soap newcomer, Katie Redford, to play the part of 14 year old Bethany, a fair few eyebrows were raised.

The part later turned out to be played by the wonderful Lucy Fallon after viewers kicked up a fuss over actress Katie’s age, who, they’d discovered, turned out to be 25 years old.

The bosses were quick to the recast the role of Bethany after being misled over how old actress Katie really was. Luckily, Katie landed roles on The Archers and Doctors so it wasn’t all bad news.

Kevin Webster forgot about his dead son

It was the awkward scene that led to Coronation Street bosses producing an official statement as a result.

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Yes, who can forget the time Kevin Webster totally forgot that his son had died? Kevin, played by Michael Le Vell, said in the scene: “It must be hard burying one of your kids,” whilst talking to Tyrone, played by Alan Halsall, about the death of Maddie Heath.

Stuart Blackburn, Corrie’s then-producer, said: “I’d like to thank viewers who spotted our mistake. Our episodes go through many drafts and are scrutinised by many people, but on this occasion we did make a mistake."

Heavily pregnant Leanne goes for a back massage

Viewers were completely miffed when Corrie’s Leanne Battersby decided to have a back massage despite being heavily pregnant.

The character headed to the spa for a spot of R&R with sisters Eva Price and Toyah Battersby, but viewers couldn’t understand the treatment she chose to have.

“How can you get a back massage with a massive bump?” one fan wrote, with another commenting: “Erm, how did Leanne get a back massage when she is heavily pregnant #Corrie.”

A fake Eileen sneaks onto set

In 2015, when Corrie fans watched Deirdre Barlow’s funeral unfold, they may or may not have believe they spotted that a fake Eileen snuck onto the set.

The woman who was stood next to Michael Rodwell at Deirdre’s funeral was actually an imposter Eileen which show bosses never really explained. It’s safe to say confusion was rife among viewers at the time.

David and Yasmeen share the same laptop, apparently

A more recent blunder was spotted as an eagle-eyed viewer took to the Coronation Street fan Facebook page after noticing two of the Corrie stars, David Platt and Yasmeen Metcalfe, were sharing the same prop.

In one episode, David, played by Jack P Shepherd, was seen using a grey laptop with a colourful sticker on, and three episodes later Yasmeen Metcalfe, played by Shelley King, was seen using the exact same, very unique laptop. Awkward!

Another Yasmeen blunder…

Fans were left baffled recently as they discovered a plot hole in the Yasmeen Nazir and Geoff Metcalfe storyline.

Yasmeen finally managed to escape the evil clutches of her husband, but discovered that bad guy Geoff was watching her escape the whole time, via a mobile phone connected to a secret video camera in their home.

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Fans of the soap were left baffled that Yasmeen didn’t know about Geoff’s secret camera in the house, as he’d cruelly made his wife clean their house top to bottom every single day for months.

One fan asked: “How has Yasmeen not found that camera?" while another said: “Where exactly is this unfindable camera yet it’s in such a good position that it picks up everything yet Yasmeen's been scrubbing every inch of the house but can’t find it."

When David the dog was in two places at once

David the dog must be a time traveller, because the little pooch was seen in two places at once during a 2019 episode of the show.

The Platt family arrived at a holiday cabin as they took a trip away, and Audrey asked Bethany to take the younger children to the park. Max was then filmed holding the dog’s lead as they left the cabin.

Yet, just moments later, Bethany’s mum Sarah was holding the dog on her lap, leaving viewers miffed at how David the dog could be in two places at once.

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One person tweeted at the time: “Unless max took a lead with an invisible dog on a walk with him I really don’t get why David the dog popped up on settee whilst he was out #corrie.” [sic]

Another wrote: “Didn't max just take david the dog with him to the park? #Corrie.” [sic]

Anna Windass gets her crutches in a twist

Viewers spotted a real howler as Corrie character Anna Windass struggled to use her crutches.

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Anna, who was re-learning how to walk following a terrible accident, could be seen hobbling about the room with difficultly, and viewers were quick to point out that it was because her crutches were in fact back-to-front.

One tweeted: “Why is Anna using her crutches back to front? No wonder she's having difficulty #corrie @ITVCorrie.”

Another added: “@ITVCorrie Has no-one shown Anna how to use her crutches?! #dontfall #breakyourarms!"

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