Couple’s wedding night ‘ruined’ after being rejected by hotel without photo ID

A pair of newlyweds were left devastated after being rejected by hotel staff for failing to provide photo ID on their wedding night.

Emma Hulligan had reserved a night of stay at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool for her and her husband with wedding gift money from her parents.

The 25-year-old said she secured the reservation over the phone and was told she could pay £136 on check-in.

As the couple arrived in their wedding dress and suit, hotel staff told them they couldn't stay because they didn't have any photo identification.

The couple, who didn't have their phones with them but just a little overnight bag Emma's mother had prepared, had no choice but to return to their parents' house after their special day.

Mum-of-three Emma told Liverpool Echo : "We never, ever spend time away from the children so my mum and dad had given us money in our wedding card to book a hotel for the night.

"My mum wanted to surprise us but didn't know how to book it, so she told me about the present and I rang up and reserved the room.

"We went straight from the venue to there so I  was in my wedding dress, but then when we tried to check-in they told us we couldn't stay because we didn't have any photo ID.

"When I said that I wasn't asked over the phone to bring any ID they said they didn't know I was paying with cash – but no-one asked how we were paying so how would they have known?

"They said that it says to bring ID on the website, but I hadn't been on the website because I did the booking over the phone.

"I thought given that it was my wedding night they would have been more understanding."

The newlyweds had to ask staff to ring them a taxi home and they were told they would have to wait outside for 45 minutes.

Emma complained: "All the staff we spoke to were just horrendous – it was disgraceful.

"We got to the Adelphi at just after midnight and we were home and in bed by 1am on our wedding night.

"I am devastated. We had such an amazing day, but the staff at the Adelphi just ruined our wedding night."

Despite not having stayed in the hotel, Emma found out she had been charged for the room.

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