Cryptocurrency Mining Apps Banned From Google Play Store

The developer policies in the Google Play Store have changed and it does not seem to show good days ahead for the cryptocurrency mining community.

Now, do not try to jump the gun just yet, there may be somewhat of a loophole that the app developers can use to their advantage. However, it’s not known if this will actually work or not. Apps that remotely manage mining crypto are permitted, but mining apps are not allowed, according to Google.

So, this means an app that allows you to see how well your computer is doing when it comes to mining may still be allowed while an app that outright mines on your phone may not. We still need to wait and see how these new rules pan out to fully understand.

This can mean a few things for people who are trying to get into the world of cryptocurrency mining. The first thing is that Google might have just saved their device from certain death. More specifically, when a phone tries to mine a difficult crypto like Bitcoin, it doesn’t end well and can severely limit the lifespan of the device because it requires a lot of energy and computing power that mobile devices just don’t have. This is often referred to as frying your phone. It basically means that you destroyed your device by mining cryptos for a long time.


This also means that those apps that might be mining cryptocurrency with people’s devices may need to find a new source of getting downloads. There is the possibility of APK files that can be downloaded and installed by the user manually. However, many people don’t like doing this because it can put their device at risk of malware and other issues that Android devices come with.

Apple is another large tech company that recently did something very similar. They also made the move to ban apps that mine cryptocurrency. In that case, the only crypto mining apps allowed were the ones that mined outside of the device.

This is not a huge loss to the crypto world as many people that get involved often have more than one way to get to their web pages and mining tools. Although the most damage is done to those trying to get into the market and don’t know very much.

With all this in mind, Google and Apple might have good reasons to actually go through with this direct mobile crypto mining app ban.


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