Dad praised for sharing satirical ‘breast-feeding photo’

A dad has condemned trolls who "body shame" breastfeeding mums – by sharing a playful photo of his "bulging bicep" while bottle-feeding his son.

Simon Harris, 35, was so upset with reading hateful comments aimed at mums breastfeeding in public he made a satirical stand.

And the father-of-three claims he was even told on the weekend to cover up his "bulging bicep" as he fed his son James at a coffee shop.

He alleges a diner said his muscles were "putting her off her food and that he should put a sweatshirt on".

So he posted on social media a comical photo of his exposed arm with a bottle of milk, a post liked and shared by thousands in a few days.

Simon's playful post reads: "I'm absolutely furious. James wanted his bottle today while we were in a coffee shop, and as soon as I started feeding him a lady came over and told me that my exposed biceps were putting her off her food and that I should put a sweatshirt on.

"Because I was holding the bottle at a certain angle apparently it was making my right bicep look too pumped and she said she would complain to the manager.

"It's not my fault – when you are bottle feeding your arms get engorged because of all the lifting and holding, as well as the scooping and sterilising.

"I told her to leave me alone as I was just providing nourishment for my baby.

"However, just a few minutes after that, another lady came over, winked at me and told me that she 'wanted a go' as well before walking back to her husband who told me not to pay any attention to her as she always makes harmless comments like this and nobody complained in the old days.

"Before I knew what was going on, a manager came over and asked if I would like to give him the rest of his bottle in the little room where they keep the dishwasher supplies as it would be 'more comfortable' for me.

"How the hell would squatting on a crate of Finish tablets be 'more comfortable?'

"Anyway I bet 97% of you won't share this, mainly because it's a load of b****** and people are only monumental a****** about boobs for some reason."

Simon wrote the post to highlight he feels breastfeeding is perfectly natural.

Speaking today from his home in Southend, Essex, Simon said: "There's absolutely no difference between a woman or man bottle feeding and a woman having her boob out and breastfeeding.

"Breastfeeding has been going on ever since the start of time, I don't get why there's still a modern stigma about it.

"There is a massive disconnect in society between breasts for feeding a baby and breasts as a sexual object – I think they're still way oversexualised.

"I'm not saying I don't find boobs attractive, I'm just saying I think too many people have got it ingrained in their skull that they're purely sexual.

"Since having kids there's been a couple of occasions where I've been talking to other mums at soft play while they're in the middle of breastfeeding."

Simon combi-fed his children Luke, four, Emma, two, and one-year-old James with music teacher wife 34-year-old Rachael Harris.

"The first time it was quite awkward but over time I just realised 'maintain eye contact and don't be a d*** about it.

"If it's something I can get used to as a heterosexual male, I'm sure that everyone else can," the father continued.

"Breastfeeding is an entirely personal thing and as men we have absolutely no idea of the reality of the situation.

"Whether a breastfeeding mum wants to cover up or feed her baby publicly that's her choice, to force her otherwise is wrong.

"A lot of comments I've received have been from both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mums who appreciated the joke and shared it on that basis."

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