Daily horoscope for March 18: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Sun spends today in the star sign of Pisces. The Moon leaves Capricorn and will eventually enter the zodiac sign of Aquarius by the end of today.

You can consequently expect today’s horoscope and astrology forecasts to be affected by both of these events.

Venus is in Taurus and harmonises with Neptune in Pisces making anything you imagine possible.

Mars in Capricorn is activating Saturn, the planet of structure.

And the added influence of Pluto, the planet of transformation, all zodiac signs can anticipate a change that is unlike any other in their own lives.


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Venus is activated as she works with Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus, like Pluto and Mars, has earned a reputation for activating affairs in order to make things happen.

Venus works with driven Mars in Capricorn to motivate you to take risks if your heart is truly in it.

The timing is perfect as Venus also works in harmony with Jupiter in Capricorn.

The Sun will be emotionally charged as the star nears a critical degree at the cusp of Pisces and Aries.

The fiery star also forms a Semi-Square with Venus during the day.

This aspect can bring your attention to what you want in your love life or relationships and help you decide whether it is worth working toward.

Aries will today encounter problems attaching to material things.

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Taurus on Wednesday may discover a new way of observing the inner beauty of others.

Gemini will continue to constantly outgrowing the old and embracing the new.

For Cancer, friendships are a source of comfort and where you put time and attention the most.

Leo should attempt to resist working too hard to make someone love you in the way that you want them to.

For Virgo, love and life will continue to be the great unknown.

Libra today can hope for a loved one or partner to be lucky and allow you get to join in the fun.

Scorpio may feel generous and charitable to a person you care for with an item that you often do not share.

Sagittarius will think of others as you push beyond your comfort zone.

Capricorn may find that you are able to see the silver lining behind each cloud no matter how stressful it gets.

Aquarius will have a chance to take something you learned from a parent and apply it to your own life.

Pisces will talk with a friend or a partner about what you have on your mind and heart.

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