Danica Patrick Roasted For ‘Cringy’ Jokes At ESPYS: Like ‘Fergie Singing The National Anthem’

Danica Patrick really gave it all she had as host of the 2018 ESPYS. Sadly she’s getting roasted for cringeworthy jokes that even athletes in the audience were wincing at.

Poor Danica Patrick. The former professional racer was so excited to host the 2018 ESPYS but her monologue bombed hard, as did her pre-taped “comedic” skits. From the opening she lost the audience of professional athletes in LA’s Microsoft Theater. She joked about how in the sport of curling kneeling is allowed, in reference to NFL protests of players taking a knee during the Star Spangled Banner. “It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about he National Anthem controversy,” she continued as a picture of Fergie in her disastrous NBA All-Star game appearance was shown behind her. The camera cut away to Philadelphia Eagles star Chris Long, who could be visibly be seen  saying “That was bad” at her comment. A Twitter user even commented “”Danica Patrick telling jokes is like Fergie singing the National anthem…”

Danica also made a cringeworthy joke about LeBron James becoming an LA transplant thanks to his trade to the Lakers, but then made references to how he googles LA transplant to find a hair replacement doctor. Ouch. Former NFL star Terrell Owens was seen giving a slight laugh with a noticeable wince. She bombed again with a joke about Villanova winning yet another NCAA championship, saying how Catholic schools usually don’t allow students “to go all the way.” An audience cutaway showed NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino absolutely stone faced.

It wasn’t just audience members who were hating on Danica’s material and delivery, as she became a top trending top for how much she was falling flat. The amazing GIF of Chrissy Teigen’s awkward smile that looked like she was wincing hard was a popular meme that people were using to share their embarrassment for Danica. One person captioned their Twitter post “Stop it please, Danica Patrick. These jokes madddd cringy I can’t watch.” Another person tweeted “Poor Danica Patrick is absolutely bombing up there.”

Danica’s pre-taped comedic skits were equally awful. She did a parody of the movie I Tonya that fell completely flat. Then she did the worst thought out skit ever where she was determined to become a rapper. Not only was she awful at it, the segment bordered on poling fun at cultural appropriation. The only solid laugh she got of the night was when she came out in a Game of Thrones costume and said that the skit had to be cut for time, which the camera then panned to NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar in GOT gear acting pissed off. Yep, Kareem got the best laugh of the night.

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