Day Care Employee Tells Children To Pelt 4-Year-Old With Rocks As Punishment, Incident Caught On Video

The boy cowered in fear and screamed as the group of young children threw rocks at him.

A day care employee in Arkansas instructed children to pelt a 4-year-old with rocks as a punishment, and video has emerged showing the disturbing incident.

The incident took place in Forrest City, Arkansas, at the Teach N Tend Daycare. As Fox 13 Memphis reported, police learned about the heartbreaking punishment when a different teacher filed a report on April 26. The woman told police that she saw another teacher instruct a young boy to sit down after the child had thrown rocks on the ground.

To punish the boy, the teacher gathered other young children and told them to throw rocks at the 4-year-old. The woman who filed the complaint also captured a short video clip of the punishment, showing the young boy cowering in fear and screaming in distress as a group of other children threw rocks at him. The video of the incident can be seen here.

Police filed a report on the incident, noting that the toddler was on his knees crying while a teacher was heard saying, “He’ll learn to stop. OK, that’s enough.”

There are still some details unclear on the incident. The boy was not identified, and it was not immediately clear if he was harmed in the incident. There was no statement from the day care center or the boy’s family.

This is not the first case of abuse in a school setting to gain viral attention in recent months. In February, a Colorado gym teacher was accused of assaulting a middle school student who did not want to stand for the national anthem. As the New York Post reported, teacher Karen Smith had a reputation among students as being strict, but allegedly crossed over into violence when the student chose to remain seated during the anthem.

As the report noted, the Colorado school district where the incident took place gives student the choice to either sit or stand during the pledge of allegiance. Smith apparently disagreed with the policy, police claim.

The day care employee who told the students to throw rocks at the 4-year-old boy as punishment was not named. It was not clear what charges the teacher could face.

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