DC Comics icon Alan Moore: Superhero culture is ‘embarrassing’

Serious filmmakers like Martin Scorsese aren’t the only ones skewering today’s comic book scene.

Iconic DC Comics scribe Alan Moore ignited the ire of graphic-novel geeks everywhere after calling modern superhero culture “embarrassing” and “not a little worrying.”

The “Watchmen” creator, 66, made the inflammatory comments during a 2017 interview with Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo — but the full details weren’t released until now, the BBC reported.

Moore’s incendiary commentary went viral Monday after being tweeted out by the Beat’s entertainment editor Kyle Pinion with the caption, “Alan Moore, never one to mince words. HBD Uncle Alan!”

In the unearthed excerpts, Moore declared the “impact of superheroes on popular culture” both “tremendously embarrassing and not a little worrying.”

He added that while superhero flicks are perfectly suited to the “12 and 13 year-old audience,” mass-market comic book movies are “abetting an audience who do not wish to relinquish their grip on their relatively reassuring childhoods.”

However, modern-day superhero culture does more than simply produce developmentally delayed super-manchildren, according to Moore. He goes so far as to say that most superheroes are the “white supremacist dreams of the master race” and even remarked that DW Griffith’s racially charged “The Birth of a Nation” could very well be the first superhero movie.


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