Deadpool 2 Fan Theories, Conspiracy Theories, Predictions About Sequel

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Every day we get one step closer to seeing Deadpool 2 in theaters, and every day we lose a little bit of patience. The OG action film starring Ryan Reynolds broke box office records when it was released in 2016 and, before it was even out on DVD and digital release, a sequel was being worked on. We’re expecting the second installment in the Deadpool franchise to be just as hilarious, crude and action-packed as the first.

While we attempt to not give in and look up every spoiler and leaked scene, we turn to fan theories and we have to say that we are super impressed with how well-versed people are in the Marvel Comics Universe. There are tons of theories about what character will show up, what will happen and potential crossovers could occur and we are seriously loving every single one. In honor of Deadpool 2 coming out on May 18, we rounded up all of the best theories that could actually happen in the sequel!

Warning: mild spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution!

Uncle Ben died in the first teaser trailer.

Remember when the very first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 came out in March 2017 and it paid ode to Logan in the most Deadpool way possible? The long teaser showed an older man being held at gun point and, while Wade Wilson attempted to have a Superman-like quick change in a phone booth, the the victim dies. We didn’t really know anything about the man other than the fact that he liked Cherry Garcia ice cream, but some fans think that we DO actually know his identity.

Comic fans believe that we saw Uncle Ben — yes THAT Uncle Ben from the Spider-Man comics — die. This could definitely be true for many reasons, the primary being that both Deadpool and Spider-Man are Marvel characters so they can live in the same universe. The way he died also lines up with the multiple storylines about Uncle Ben that we have from the comics.

The main reason why we believe this fan theory to be true is because when director David Leitch was asked about the possible connection between the two franchises by Huffpost he said, “I think that people should continue to theorize who that old man was.” So what’s the truth?!

Vanessa is Death.

It’s no secret that Wade and Vanessa have a less-than-traditional relationship. Not only have they been through A LOT during their time together, but fans think there could be a reason behind the chaos. Vanessa shares a name with the Marvel mutant named Copycat, so it’s expected for her to somehow get powers and turn into the known superhero. But that would be too obvious, right?

Some fans have pointed out how Wade’s life always seems to worsen when he is around Vanessa, and they believe the explanation has something to do with her being someone else entirely. Although she shares a name with the mutant, there are theories that she actually represents Death.

When we think about it, it does make sense. She bumps into Wade the day he’s fated to die, he’s diagnosed with a terminal illness the day he proposes to her and it would explain how she survived that fall in a glass box. We wouldn’t be too surprised if they tried to trick us with the name so this could definitely check out.

Wade was always a mutant.

We all know that seemingly normal Wade Wilson became Deadpool after he went though a risky experiment to rid his body of deadly cancer cells and in return gave him a super healing mutant gene, but some fans think that Wade was never normal to begin with. Before he became the antihero, he was dishonorably discharged special forces operative working as a mercenary and even then his skills were human-like.

People think that the only explanation as to how he was so sharp and efficient before becoming Deadpool was because he already possessed the mutant gene but just didn’t know it. Fans are thinking that this idea could be explored more in Deadpool 2 and will give us more background on the character we have learned to love.

Deadpool has an evil twin.

Heroes having an evil twin of some sort is something that comes up a lot in superhero movies and fans believe that it could happen again in Deadpool 2. In the comics that the flick is based on, Deadpool has fought with an evil version of himself which was created out of his discarded limbs so it could totally happen in the sequel.

Remember the scene in the first movie where Deadpool saws off his hand to escape from Colossus? Fans believe that the sawed-off hand managed to regenerate into a (more) evil Deadpool. If this happen, we could very well see Deadpool fighting Deadpool and honestly, we’re here for it.

Cable and Deadpool team up.

This fan theory goes hand in hand with the idea that an evil Deadpool shows up to destroy everything more than the current Deadpool already does. In the comics, Deadpool and the Deadpool 2 antagonist Cable actually have a significant bromance that is super popular. Although the two are going to fight each other a ton in the sequel, there’s a thought that the Deadpool clone could bring them together.

If this does work out, it could drastically change the way Cable is represented in the following Deadpool installments. Josh Brolin has already signed on to play the character for four movies, so if it doesn’t happen in this film it could happen in another!

We will meet the new Wolverine.

We already know that the X-Men and Deadpool franchises are in the same universe and work together because of the whole ‘Wade turning into a mutant’ thing. There is a theory that in Deadpool 2 we’ll already get to meet the new Wolverine since Logan’s death in Logan, A.K.A. the last time we’ll see Hugh Jackman as the iconic character.

In the comics after the OG Wolverine dies, X-23, the cloned daughter of Logan, decided to take on her father’s legacy and don the suit. Because of the past that Deadpool and Wolverine share, it would make sense that there would be a reunion of some sort. Plus, how badass would it be for us to see a female Wolverine on the big screen?!

Deadpool and Logan are connected.

This fan theory is super cool, and we really hope that it’s true! We’ve mentioned that X-Men and Deadpool are in the same universe, but it could be way more complicated than we previously thought! In the 2017 movie Logan, we learn that the adventures of the X-Men had been fictionalized and turned into comic books and were something that Laura, X-23/Wolverine’s daughter, clung to for hope.

Although the comics in the movie were altered from the truth, Reddit users noticed that what Laura was reading matches up pretty well with what happens to Deadpool. Fans believe that the Deadpool films actually take place in the X-Men comics that were featured in Logan. This would be super cool but also make us feel like we’re in Inception.

Psylocke will return.

We would love for this fan theory to be true because, let’s be real, who didn’t obsess over Olivia Munn as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse? The last time we saw the character she was running away from the scene of action after Apocalypse’s downfall, but we know she’s not gone for good because she’s set to return in the upcoming flick X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

People believe that Psylocke might show up in Deadpool 2 because of Cable’s introduction. He is responsible for setting up the team that she eventually joins in the comics, so it wouldn’t be completely crazy for her to join in on the action in the sequel.

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