Deadpool Dances in Heels to Celine Dion’s ‘Ashes’: Watch

A sight to see! Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool turned heads in Celine Dion’s new music video.

The raunchy mercenary graces the stage in a pair of stilettos as Dion, 50, sings “Ashes,” the first track she has released in two years. Deadpool delivers an impassioned, interpretive dance as the Grammy winner performs in front of a live orchestra.

Deadpool reemerges in the audience at the end of the clip, which also features glimpses of the film’s sequel. “Celine! That was amazing,” he exclaims. “That was the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Dion thanks Deadpool for the compliment, to which he responds, “No, thank you! We need to do it again.”

When the “My Heart Will Go On” crooner asks why, the candid superhero quips back, “Well, it’s too good. Yeah, this is Deadpool 2, not Titanic. You’re at like an 11. We need to get you down to a five, five and a half tops. Just phone it in.”

Dion then sets the record straight. “Listen. This thing only goes to 11,” she says while pointing at herself. “So beat it, Spiderman.”

Deadpool then seems to regret working with the Canadian songstress: “God, I should have asked ‘NSync.”

The hilarious music video is the most recent trailer to be released for the highly anticipated sequel. Back in March, Reynolds made headlines for shading wife Blake Lively’s 2005 flick, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, in a Deadpool 2 teaser.

“Doing the right thing is messy, but if you want to fight for what’s right, sometimes you have to fight dirty,” Deadpool explains. “And that is why Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is straight-up pornography.”

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on Friday, May 18.

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