‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Captain Sandy’s Furious After Hannah Skips Out On Work

Don’t slack off on Captain Sandy’s watch! After Hannah seemingly lies to Sandy’s face, resulting in Brooke getting stuck ‘carrying the load,’ Sandy flips out! Watch her scold Hannah for not being a leader!

Things aren’t looking good for Hannah on this week’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean! After she decides to take a leisurely boat ride with some of the guests instead of helping Brooke with work, Captain Sandy is furious! Not to mention, Brooke is coming off a 21-hour shift, and is now left to “carry the load,” as Sandy put it in the confessional. — Check out HollywoodLife.com‘s EXCLUSIVE clip of Below Deck Mediterranean‘s July 24 episode, below!

With both Hannah and Jamie down, Captain Sandy is forced to step in to support her crew. However, Hannah wasn’t supposed to be gone for long, so she said. Four hours earlier, Sandy and Hannah had a conversation, where Hannah looked her in the eye and confirmed that she wouldn’t be gone for “hours and hours.” But, she was. — That’s when Sandy went off.

“You’ve been down for 24 hours, you haven’t done anything on board, and you jump on a boat, while Brooke, the one that just worked 21 hours is back carrying the load? Is that fair as a leader?,” Sandy went off in the confessional, ahead of calling to track down Hannah. Little does Sandy know, Hannah’s about to guzzle some tequila. The clip ends with Sandy angrily saying, “I’m not f–king happy!”

Meanwhile, Adam feels like his chance at redemption is foiled when charter guest Kenny requests an impromptu beach picnic. As Brooke and Kasey step up to fill the void for being down a stew, they notice that it’s smoother sailing. Meanwhile, Conrad is torn between being a shoulder to lean on for Hannah and assuring Sandy that he’s fulfilling his job on deck. And Hannah crosses a line with Sandy that could end her charter season a lot sooner than she thought.

Amidst Hannah’s clear slip-up, Sandy questions Hannah’s leadership as the Chief Stew. And, it’s no secret that this isn’t the first time Hannah’s been scolding. It looks like her play hard mentality has worked against her this time! — Could her job be on the line?

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