‘In Defense Of’ Preview: Jodi Arias’ Lawyer Admits ‘Stress’ From ‘Traumatic’ Trial Caused His Cancer

In a chilling, new preview of Oxygen’s ‘In Defense Of’, Jodi Arias’ lawyer says he believes the stress from her trial is what brought on his stage 3 cancer. Watch an EXCLUSIVE first look of tonight’s episode!

“What I went through with Ms. Arias was very traumatic for me, in retrospect. I think my role in the Arias trial, and everything that happened, was the reason cancer infested my body,” Kirk Nurmi recalls of his six-year ordeal to defend Jodi Arias, which changed his life forever. The court-ordered attorney to represent Arias recounts the traumatic trial on a brand new episode (tonight) of Oxygen’s hit series, In Defense Of, which HollywoodLife.com obtained an EXCLUSIVE clip of (below)!

In the clip, he emotionally explains his cancer treatment, which led to him writing a book to counteract Arias’ “lies” about him. “After the trial was over I decided to take that summer off, spend some time with my wife, kind of make up for some of the hours that I missed and doing some of those bucket list trips and that sort of thing,” he began. “When I was about ready to open up shop again, so to speak in my office, that’s when I noticed the growth under my armpit. I found out that I had cancer; I had stage 3. And, the scary part is, I had a tumor by my heart. I had to undergo chemotherapy and you think about what you’ve done and how you spend your days. I began to think, did I want to go through the treatment? Did I deserve to live? — Not just a reason not to die. That’s when I decided to write the book (“Trapped with Ms. Arias”). I wrote it going through chemotherapy and wanted to make sure I got it out there. Self-publishing was the only way to make sure that my words were not altered in any way, shape or form. I did not want Ms. Arias’ lies about me to go without response,” Nurmi continued.

Tonight’s episode centers around the Jodi Arias case, but all from the point of view of her defense attorney Kirk Nurmi. Here’s your first look at the upcoming episode!

An all new episode of In Defense Of airs tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on Oxygen!

In each hour-long, standalone episode, In Defense Of will give viewers a unique point of view on headline-grabbing cases with first-hand accounts from their high-profile defense attorneys. From riveting details of the most personal moments between attorney and client to their staunch belief in protection of rights for all Americans, each episode will detail the evolution of their relationships and have you questioning your own preconceptions of each case.

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