Did Demi Lovato Give Taylor Swift A Shady Look During The BBMAs? Fans Flip Over Side-Eye

Uh oh! Demi Lovato was caught giving someone major side-eye at the Billboard Music Awards, and fans think it could be Taylor Swift. Watch the video and see the hilarious Twitter reactions!

And she would’ve gotten away for it too, if it weren’t for those meddling Billboard Music Awards viewers! Demi Lovato was caught throwing shade — not once, but twice — at Taylor Swift. Or at least it seemed very much like that was the case. During Shawn Mendes‘ performance toward the beginning of the BBMAs on May 20, Demi was spotted turning around and giving a death glare to someone behind her, then rolling her eyes before turning back to Shawn. Guess who was sitting behind Demi in that audience? Taylor! Taylor was a surprise addition to the BBMAs, taking the “special guest” seat between Shawn and Camila Cabello, who’s opening for her on the Reputation Tour. During Shawn’s performance, Taylor and Camila were out of their seats and dancing. One might conclude that Demi was making fun of them for dancing it out.

Sure, she could have been mocking Camila, not Taylor, but take a look at the video below of another shady moment captured by the cameras. Taylor was giving a sweet speech while accepting the award for Top Female Artist, and Demi was not smiling. The stone cold look on her face is hilarious, to be honest, especially compared to all the other ecstatic people the cameras panned to during the speech.

Fans and BBMAs viewers are convinced Demi’s side-eyes were targeted at Taylor 100%. “Demi…..honey I saw you trying to throw shade at Taylor and Camila.”, one viewer tweeted. “Was Demi looking at Taylor & the shade #BillboardMusicAwards”, wrote another. So good!

The night’s still young, people. Will more awkward moments between Taylor and Demi? We can’t wait to find out!

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