Demi Moore Looks Back at Her 'Painful' Marriage to Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were once labeled “the hottest couple in Hollywood.” But as time passed, things became tumultuous, and their marriage slowly began to fall apart. And according to Moore, while her professional life was soaring, her personal life was “painful.” This was all because of her crumbling relationship with the Die Hard actor, who no longer wished to be married to Moore.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were once the perfect couple

Before all the trouble arose in their relationship, Willis and Moore had a solid marriage. They couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of each other in the beginning stages of their marriage, and whenever Moore was feeling down, Willis would be right there to lift her spirits.

In Moore’s memoir, Inside Out, she talks about her struggle with body image and how Willis comforted her during one of her low points.

“One day, we were hanging out by the beach at Bruce’s house with his friends, and I took his jet ski out for a spin,” she writes. “Someone with a long lens got pictures of me in a bathing suit- looking fat- which then, of course, became a major topic of the tabloids, confirming all my worst fears and stoking the excruciating fire of my eating disorder. I was miserable, but Bruce insisted that he thought everything about me was beautiful: he wrapped my fear and anxiety in his love.”

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s marriage became ‘painful’

But the honeymoon period in their relationship didn’t last for long. As time passed, Willis became unpredictable in their marriage, and Moore began to suspect her husband of cheating.

“When he left to film Hudson Hawk, things were in a very precarious state,” she writes. “I went over to visit once, and, frankly, I had the feeling that he had screwed around. It was tense, and it was weird, and there was just stuff that didn’t seem kosher.”

Another troubling aspect in their marriage was the fact that they had completely different values when it came to raising children. While Willis wanted Moore to stay home and look after the kids, Moore had no intentions of giving up her one true passion: acting.

And during the height of her stardom, her marriage with Willis became almost unbearable.

“My professional life was soaring,” she writes. “My personal life was painful…”

She then explains how Willis dropped a bombshell on her, saying, “I don’t know if I want to be married.”

Demi Moore thinks Bruce Willis began to regret marrying her

According to Moore’s memoir, she thinks Willis began to regret his decision to rush into a marriage so quickly with Moore. Although he was the one to push Moore into marrying him, he began to crave a sense of freedom years into their union.

“Bruce and I had met, married, had a baby, and just done a lot, very quickly,” she writes. “It was as if he woke up a few years later and thought, whoa, is this what I want? Or do I really want to be free?

“He was struggling to resolve a conflict within himself,” she writes. “He wanted family and grounding, but he also craved excitement and novelty. Basically, he wanted to do whatever the f*ck he wanted.”

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