'Destiny 2': Redditor Says Transmog Cap Takes 7 Days of In-Game Play to Achieve

Destiny 2 has been something of a mess since its launch in 2017. The community around the game seems to be in a state of constant frustration, largely as a result of Bungie seemingly failing to consider the playerbase and their wants and needs. This has never felt more apparent to players than now, after Bungie rolled out Destiny 2’s armor transmog feature — only to have it gated behind an incredible amount of time-consuming grind. 

Destiny 2 transmog is a convoluted 3-step process

Destiny 2 is often noted for being a grindy MMO, and its newly implemented transmog process hasn’t done much to eliminate that reputation. The transmog system, which Destiny 2 calls “Armor Synthesis,” is directly tied to farming. 

Players will need to defeat enemies to earn Synthstrand, a material needed in the transmog process. Once a player has accrued 150 Synthstrand — a time consuming process — they can move on to the next grind. 

Players will have to talk to Ada-1 to turn in all 150 of their synthstrand. After doing so, they’ll be given a bounty, based on the player’s choice of Strikes, Crucible, Destinations, Raids, or Gambit. When players finish their bounty, they receive 100 Synthcord. 

Then, for some reason, players must interact with the loom behind Ada-1 to turn the Synthcord into Syntheweave. This process could have just been skipped entirely, since it adds no actual gameplay to Destiny 2

Once players have earned their Synthweave, they can head to the Appearance Customization menu and pick their ornaments for their armor. Of course, players can always spend real money in the Eververse shop to purchase Synthweave Templates.

Redditor determines time to reach Destiny 2 transmog cap — 7 days

In case the laborious three-step process wasn’t enough, Destiny 2 players have recently discovered that Synthstrand is time-gated. Reddit user u/I3igB sussed out just how long it takes to grind up enough materials for a single character to transmog, as well as three — and it’s not pretty. 

“It’s been found that you acquire 1 Synthrand every 2 minutes while in combat. This means you can’t acquire another strand for a full 2 minutes after acquiring your last one. It doesn’t matter how many kills you get in this time between those 2 minutes,” u/I3igB explained. 

“This puts the total time to reach transmog cap on one character at 53 hours and 20 minutes or 6 days and 16 hours for three characters. Let me repeat that again, 6 days and 16 hours,” the Redditor added.

They went on to suggest that Bungie simply isn’t respecting players’ time investment when it comes to Destiny 2

“Once again, this is in-game play time. Most AAA single player story driven games take around the 40 hour mark to complete. You could beat a single player game 4 times over before reaching transmog cap in comparison. There’s a compromise to be reached between what they’re trying to monetize and respecting our time investment. This isn’t it.”

Fans are feeling frustrated with Bungie

Destiny 2 fans are feeling frustrated with the entire system, which may not be a surprise given how often Bungie seems to ignore their fanbase’s complaints and desires when it comes to the MMO. 

“This somehow managed to be worse than every critic made it out to be,” opined one Redditor. 

“Don’t worry, they will revert the system into something mediocre that will get a ton of praise but still be a bad system while people give them praise for it,” replied another Destiny 2 player, pointing out an all-too-common AAA playbook move. 

“Not only is there an absurd amount of grind for transmog, which alone is enough to pipe at least some people to spend money to skip it ala Warframe, an actual F2P title, but they then decided that wasn’t enough and capped it on top of that just in case players actually did grind it out,” pointed out another frustrated player. 

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