‘Destiny 2: Warmind’ Update Drops Ton Of Changes, Patch Notes Released

Bungie takes big step towards addressing ‘Destiny 2’ issues with new content and meaningful changes.

Bungie released the Destiny 2: Warmind expansion to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Tuesday and update 1.2.0 along with it. This latest patch brings a slew of changes to the game that addresses the multitude of issues and complaints Guardians have been hammering over the past several months.

The Warmind expansion takes players to the Clovis Bray research facility located on Mars’ polar ice cap. This facility houses Rasputin and something even more dangerous lurks beneath the ice. Legendary Guardian Ana Bray will help serve the narrative role through the expansion’s campaign along with Commander Zavala.

Those who purchase the Warmind expansion will be able to level their Guardian up to level 30 and Power level 385. However, there is a soft cap at Power level 340 where only Powerful rewards will be able to continue a character’s progression. The medium cap is at 370.

In addition to the Warmind campaign, a new Strike, a new playable zone, the Escalation Protocol event, and a new Raid Lair coming Friday, the Destiny 2 expansion adds the “Meltdown” and “Solitude” maps to all matchmade Crucible playlists. Bungie made the decision to make all Crucible maps available to all players whether they own the expansion or not. The exception is with the all-new Private Matches where players will need to own the Expansion to have access to the maps.

Destiny 2 Crucible fanatics will also be happy to hear Doubles has been added to the rotating weekly playlist. This is in addition to the new Crucible competitive ranking system.

Information about the changes to Exotic Weapons can be found here while Exotic Masterworks can be found here. However, Bungie did make some other changes to the Destiny 2 sandbox beyond Exotics. The second grenade charge granted by some perks will now charge at the same pace as the primary grenade. Meanwhile, Linear Fusion Rifles received an increase in the precision damage modifier from 1.5 x to 2.0 x. Additionally, the precision Hand Cannon archetype was tweaked to make the ADS firing animation smoother.

Other major changes include Heroic Strikes receiving rotating modifiers while Nightfall Strikes receive a Legendary Challenge Card that can be picked up from Xur. Destiny 2 players will also no longer be able to use multiple characters of the same class to attempt to grind Raid rewards quickly. The Raid’s weekly lockout is now class-based so players will only receive rewards on the first completion.

There is a massive amount of changes with this Destiny 2 update from them finally adding the ability to equip multiple emotes to being able to dismantle items from the Postmaster and Vault. You can view the full details in Bungie’s patch notes. Note that third-party applications like Destiny Inventory Manager and Ishtar Commander are not currently working due to issues with Bungie’s API.

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