Does Bethenny Frankel From 'RHONYC' Have a Fatal Fish Allergy?

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The tragic news that a child died from inhaling cooked fish, put Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City on alert. Frankel was seen during the last series becoming disturbed during a meal when fish was served. She mentions at the table that she has a fish allergy. However, her cast mates seem to blow it off, likely thinking fish made Frankel feel a little sick.

Instead, Frankel revealed the allergy is considerably more than feeling a little queasy. Upon learning about the death, Frankel took to Twitter to educate her followers. And explain how serious some allergies can be.

She’s had issues with fish being served on airplanes

Frankel likely travels first class, which means she is probably served an in-flight meal. However, she has a huge problem if fish is on the menu. “Called airline mult x to say I have fish allergy,” she tweeted. “Got on & they’re serving bass. They couldn’t not serve it they said. Then they were turning around which I protested bc it would delay people. Cabin asked to not serve it & pilot made announcement to plane. That was fun.”

She added, “This airline knows who they are. And this policy will change if it is all I focus on. I almost screwed everyone’s night up too, which the pilot delightfully announced.”

Some followers joked about how she did everyone a favor eliminating fish from the closed environment. Others suggested Frankel just charter a private jet when she flies. “I am fortunate enough to do that sometimes, but it is a massive waste and not environmentally friendly if doing solo,” she wrote. “But I hears ya.”

Frankel went further to explain how allergies work

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A number of Twitter followers dropped well-meaning comments. “Did they not have like a vegetarian option for cryin out loud??” one person responded.  Another person queried, “I don’t understand – how have you never been in an enclosed environment like a plane when fish was being prepared before? Why is this a concern now but never before when you flew? Just curious.”

Frankel explained that allergies can be intense by just touching an allergen or inhaling an odor. “To clarify: some allergens are transmitted by touch & air. Fish is one & is fatal. The more exposure to them, the more susceptible. It’s not like an immunity thing where more exposure means less susceptible. It’s opposite. I’ve always kept it quiet but that’s over now.”

She also stressed that awareness doesn’t match the critical nature of the situation. “I ask airlines @UnitedAirlines @AmericanAir @Delta @JetBlue @SouthwestAir @VirginAmerica etc. stop serving airborne allergens. I’ll stay on this until you do. The one that initially refused & pilot who called me out on speaker knows. Cabin backed me up. Plane didn’t turn around.”

She also never leaves home without this

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And added, “1)I called ahead mult x 2)fish cooked in plane NOT the same as restaurant.3)been allergic since birth to fish NOT shellfish 4)plane didn’t turn bc cabin voted 5)pilot called me out to whole plane 6)airlines should NOT serve airborne allergens. & 7)who the F wants fish on a plane?”

When a follower asked if she carries an EpiPen Frankel responded. “Two. You need two.”Frankel also retweeted this statement. “15 million Americans have food allergies. 5.9 million of them are children. That’s 1 in 13 children. (Source: @FoodAllergy). This is not a small number. Just bc they have a life-threatening allergy, they don’t deserve to be safe? This issue goes across income levels.”

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