Dr Pimple Popper bursts huge cyst and challenges fans to ‘guess the contents’

Dr Pimple Popper apparently made someone vomit after sharing footage of a whopping big cyst and telling viewers to "guess the contents".

In a video she uploaded on her @drpimplepopperTikTok account on September 17, the medic shows the bulging cyst which is positioned on the side of a woman's neck.

Dr Pimple Popper, real name Sandra Lee MD, then gets to work and cuts an incision in the lump with her surgical tools.

She then carefully squeezes out all of its creamy-white contents which come out in one long oozing.

Multiple bits of gauze are used to wipe away the excessive dollops of cyst gunk and one viewer said the nauseating scene lost them their lunch.

The doctor joked in the caption: "Kristi my MA said it looks like oatmeal, what do you think?"

Since it was uploaded, the clip has been watched more than 18 million times and amassed thousands of comments.

One viewer said: "Why could I NOT look away? The human body is amazing."

"I wanna look away so bad but I can't," admitted a second person.

Sounding disgusted, someone else quipped: "And people ask why I don't eat oatmeal."

Another user wrote: "First thing I see when I open up TikTok now after eating my food is no longer inside of me."

This comes after Dr Pimple Popper tackled a nightmare "third eye" cyst that had its revenge when it was being squeezed – splattering brown pus-like liquid all over the clinic walls.

The dermatologist only just ducked out the way in time and looked stunned by the impressive range of the projectile pus.

In another grim video, she said a cyst reminded her of a "rose" when it released pus in a swirling pattern.

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