Elyse’s Instagram Proves Why This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Is Perfect For Colton

Colton’s Bachelor season has only just begun, but he’s already starting to develop some strong feelings for a select few contestants. One of the women who has caught his eye in particular is Elyse, the 31-year-old makeup artist from Scottsdale, Arizona. And while they have yet to spend a ton of time together thus far, Elyse’s Instagram before The Bachelor reveals one reason she and Colton would make for a great couple and could potentially end up engaged by the end of the season.

Though many of her photos on social media are dedicated to what look to be professional images, interested viewers would also be able to find a variety of photos of Elyse with her family, usually accompanied by a heartfelt message about how much they mean to her. Given how important family is to Colton as well, their dedication to their loved ones is something the two of them would definitely be able to bond over. Colton has made it clear from the start that he wants to find a partner who is family-oriented and Elyse definitely fits that description. Plus, they both already share great chemistry with one another, so this is just an added bonus.

Take, for instance, this great family photo (minus her dad, who was missing for the occasion) and the heartfelt caption Elyse included along with it:

The Bachelor usually tends to highlight all of the drama that takes place inside the mansion — much of which Elyse has yet to be apart of — so it’s nice to get a closer look at some of the women and what they’re like when not vying for roses in order to win over a man’s heart. And it’s clear that long before she met Colton, Elyse already has a few great loves of her life, especially when it comes to her siblings.

This caption she wrote about her sister more than proves the close bond they share:

And Elyse’s relationship with her dad seems to be just as strong, writing alongside this throwback photo:

According to a preview for Monday night’s episode, Elyse and Colton will be going on a one-on-one date together and judging from the photos alone, the experience is only going to bring them closer.

Fans will have to tune in to see whether or not the subject of family gets brought up, but if it does it’s sure to make this Bachelor even more smitten than he already is.

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