‘Empire’ Showrunner: What’s Ahead After Major Lucious Twist — A ‘Big Hint’ About Who Died & More

We didn’t see that one coming! ‘Empire’ dropped a shocking new twist, so HL got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from showrunner Brett Mahoney about where the story goes from here and that death mystery! Spoilers ahead!

Surprise! Kingsley is Lucious’s son, and that’s why he has such a vendetta against Lucious. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Empire showrunner Brett Mahoney about that epic twist and whether or not we’re going to get answers about what happened. “We absolutely are, and I think we’re going to hear what Kingsley believes, what Kingsley’s mom believes, and we’re going to hear what Lucious believes,” Brett told HollywoodLife. And, yes, this does mean more flashbacks to the younger Lucious.

Kingsley is set in his ways, and his beef with Lucious runs deep. “I think he’s willing to go the absolute end because Kingsley has gotten himself to this point,” Brett teased. “He wants his revenge. He wants to take Lucious down, and he’s already gotten this far. So you don’t have to push him that far to get him to the edge. But at the same time, I will say that so often one might think they want revenge, but in this type of situation, what he really might want and need is the love of his father who feels abandoned him.”

This is a life-altering twist for Lucious, which means it will impact Cookie, too. How might she react to this bombshell? “It’ll depend upon if this is real and when this child was born,” Brett teased. “Regardless of all that, even if this child came before Cookie’s chidden, even if he preceded Cookie, there’s the issue that this is yet another bombshell that Cookie will have to deal with and another blindside by Lucious at a time when they’re really putting their relationship together and she’s learning to trust him again.”

During the Nov. 14 episode, Cookie and Candace’s relationship took a turn. Cookie called the cops on Candace’s son for attacking her, and her sister told her that she never wanted to see her again. Can they come back from this? “Well, I think they are two sisters who truly love each other,” Brett said. “They’re confronted with this almost impossible question and almost impossible choice that Cookie had to make when we see so much of the headlines in terms of young black men being gunned down by the police. But what do you do when you now need the police who are putting our black and brown family in jeopardy? It’s almost an impossible question because we, as black and brown people, want protection, need protection from the police, but it sometimes puts us in jeopardy. I think it’s a matter of Candace and Cookie will have to grapple with that and whether or not Candace can forgive her will depend upon in the end what her answer to that question is.”

Andre also got some love from Quincy’s mom, Terry, during the Nov. 14 episode. After so much pain and heartache, Andre deserves it! “I do think we are getting to a place where Andre is the happiest he has been in quite some time, and I do think he is getting a fullness to his life with Terry and Quincy, but whenever someone is happy on Empire, you’ve got to think about what might happen next,” Brett teased.

The biggest question all Empire fans have this season is: who died in the flash forward? Thankfully, we’re going to get some answers. “I will tell you that we will have a big hint, a big piece of that puzzle will be revealed in the flash forward in episode 9,” Brett said. He also added, “I’m pretty sure there’s somebody you’ll be able to cross off the list.” Empire season 5 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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