Er, There's a Video of Machine Gun Kelly's Crew Beating Up an Actor Who's Team Eminem

In case you hadn’t noticed, Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem are two adult men in the midst of a totally mature and not at all petty feud, and ummmm, it just got physical. In a video from TMZ, Machine Gun Kelly’s “crew” can reportedly be seen beating up actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez, who earlier that evening had apparently called Machine Gun Kelly a “pussy” over his old tweet about Eminem’s daughter.

First, here’s part of the initial non-physical altercation between G-Rod and Machine Gun Kelly:

According to TMZ, Machine Gun Kelly’s crew then confronted the actor in a hotel a few hours later, and appear to have beaten him up. Please note that the rapper himself is not in the below surveillance video:

TMZ reports that a criminal investigation is still pending, and that G-Rod said he’d drop said investigation if Machine Gun Kelly will agree to fight him one-on-one in the Octagon. So, uh. Yeah.

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