Every Celebrity Who Will Appear In Pepsi’s Super Bowl Ad

Pepsi’s upcoming Super Bowl ad will have a star-studded cast of celebrities that is sure to impress.

Titled “This is the Pepsi”, the ad will feature throwbacks to famous Pepsi ad campaigns from days of yore. It’ll also feature a bunch of celebrities making two-second cameos from their former Pepsi ads.

The ad actually released today, so you can get a solid preview of what’s going to be aired during the Super Bowl.

First, there’s Jimmy Fallon narrating the whole thing, starting with, “This is the Pepsi that your father drank, that his father drank before he met your grandmother.” After that, he proposes this is also the same Pepsi that made it to the moon, with two corporate executives both disagreeing.

From there we get a steady stream of celebs, starting with Cindy Crawford as she recreates the iconic 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl ad, only instead of Crawford taking a can of Pepsi from a dusty vending machine it’s her son, Presley Gerber. Crawford also doesn’t step out of a Lamborghini and instead steps out of what appears to be a Corvette.

Next up comes the late, great Ray Charles from his 1991 Pepsi ad, followed by Uncle Drew (who is actually Kyrie Irving in disguise) from Pepsi’s 2013 basketball-centric ad campaign. A surprise visit from NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon comes next as he tries to outrace the Delorean from Back to the Future, where he naturally fails. You can’t outrace time.

Britney Spears and Michael Jackson make appearances from their respective Pepsi ads, and the whole thing ends with Fallon saying, “This is the Pepsi for every generation.”

The Associated Press recently caught up with Crawford to ask her how it felt to recreate the 1992 Pepsi ad with her son. “Just as a mother, we drove to work together that day and we shared the same trailer. And when he was doing his thing, I was just a proud mom watching from the sidelines, trying not to annoy him,” she said in a phone interview.

The Super Bowl is set to air February 4th, and there’s a whole lot more advertising to be seen.

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