Everything you need to address your mental health at work

Your mental health is important, both in and out of work. Whether it’s opening up to a manager about your mental health, or simply being there for a colleague during a hard time, here’s everything you need to help manage mental health in the workplace. 

According to research by Accenture, only 22% of us are willing to be open about our mental health at work, with 27% of us believing doing so would damage our career prospects. But when we spend an average of 3,507 days at work in a lifetime, it’s important to feel comfortable and accepted in the workplace – and that includes making sure both we and the people around us feel free to open up about mental health issues and seek help when necessary.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with mental ill health for a while, gradually feeling its effects taking hold of your confidence in your career. Maybe you’ve noticed that your company doesn’t support those around you who are dealing with mental health struggles, and you feel like it’s time to address this issue. Maybe you just want to learn more about what it feels like to struggle with your mental health at work.

We’ve put together this extensive list of some of our best articles on mental health in the workplace, so you know how exactly to approach the subject, no matter what the situation.

From women sharing their experiences of recovering from chronic stress and burnout, to tangible tips to soothe stress and anxiety at your desk, bookmark this page as your go-to resource for everything to do with mental health in the workplace.

Other women’s experiences with mental ill health at work

“How holding down a job helps me manage my depression”

After living with depression for years, one author found relief in the structure of building a career.

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“The surprisingly simple way I learned to live with my anxiety”

Writer Kate Townshend explains how she managed to control and tame her anxiety. 

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“I lost my job due to mental health issues – and I’m far from the only one”

Freelance journalist Rebecca Hastings, who was fired from a job two years ago after struggling with her mental health, meets other women who have been through the same thing – and, crucially, explains your rights as an employee when it comes to dealing with mental health issues in the workplace.

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Burnout: 3 women share their experiences of overcoming career exhaustion and paralysis

Three women speak honestly about how chronic stress lead to burnout – and how they tackled it.

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What more can be done to improve mental health support in the work place?

How to talk to your manager about your mental health

A major new report found only half of those struggling with mental health issues tell their employer. How can we make these conversations easier to have?

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This is why we need mental health first aiders at work in 2019

Stylist meets the woman campaigning for mental health first aiders to be made compulsory in all workplaces.

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Advice on looking after your own mental health at work 

Why curiosity is officially your new superpower in the fight against burnout

Adopting a curious mindset could be the secret to avoiding excessive stress at work, because it helps us to approach problems as puzzles. Here’s how to develop your curiosity and use this crucial skill.

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How to safeguard your mental health when you’re freelance

Whether you’ve just set out on the freelance journey or have been working freelance for years, here’s everything you need to do to safeguard your mental health.

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Work related stress: A doctor’s advice on how to cope with excessive stress and avoid burnout

Everything you need to know about keeping on top of stress at work, from a medical professional.

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10 techniques to combat stress and anxiety at work

It’s normal for your 9-5 to take its toll, but are you addressing your stress?

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How to combat social anxiety in the workplace

If you suffer with social anxiety, it can feel all too easy to avoid the cause of your phobia: people. However, there’s one area of your life where this tactic is almost impossible – so what can we do to tackle these feelings of anxiety in the workplace?

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12 ways to tackle anxiety at your desk in under 10 minutes

It has been said that millennials are the most anxious generation to date, with over eight million people in the UK being affected. If you’re experiencing symptoms of anxiety at work try these methods to stop them in their tracks. 

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7 of the best self-care podcasts, for when you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed

From tackling the feeling of being overwhelmed to getting enough sleep, podcasts can teach you the need-to-know strategies to improve your wellbeing. Here are seven of the best…

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Use this three-step strategy to tackle negativity at work

Is workplace negativity grinding you down? Try this three-step coping mechanism to keep feelings of self-doubt at bay.

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How to look after yourself while waiting for NHS mental health support

New data has revealed that almost one and a half million people in the UK were referred for NHS mental health therapies last year. But with referrals often taking months, how can you look after yourself while waiting for your therapy to begin? Here, freelance journalist Alice Purkiss speaks to the experts and breaks down the research to outline some useful ideas.

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When should you take time off work for your mental health?

Dr Becky Spelman, a psychologist at London’s Private Therapy Clinic, offers up her advice on when taking a day off to get your mental health back on track is totally the right thing to do for you – and your colleagues.

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If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health issues at work, you can find more information on Mind’s website here.

This article was originally published on 17 May 2018

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