Ex-sex worker who’s ‘slept with 16,000 people’ says tally doesn’t bother fiancé

A former sex worker who claims to have slept with more than 16,000 people has revealed that she is getting married and her partner is okay with her mind boggling tally.

Ashley Clark Huffman, who goes by @trashley_anonymous on TikTok, regularly shares candid snapshots of what her life was like as a sex worker.

Her videos have been liked and viewed millions of times and in one recent upload she shared that her partner still loves her despite her past life.

"Still getting married after telling your partner you had over 16,000 partners," she captioned the video, where she dances happily for the camera.

People generally took it that she was celebrating the fact she still managed to find love after what she describes in her other videos as a dark past.

"She’s not flexing she’s had 16k encounters, she’s saying that despite her past she was able to find someone who loves/wants her. That’s great!" one commenter said.

"The world needs more men like your husband that doesn’t judge women for their pasts and accepts and loves them anyway," said another.

A third person added: "That’s because body count has 0 meaning and you’re still a good person."

Ashley covers a lot of topics concerning her former life. In one of her most popular uploads, she broke down the "long term effects" of her time as a sex worker.

In the video she says she suffers from PTSD, night terrors, a decreased sex drive, and difficulty with affection after 20 years in the industry.

She has also spoken of breaking up "happy marriages", "disrespecting my body" and "lack of self-respect".

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