Ex-TK Maxx worker reveals the secrets of working in the store

While you might have spent a lot of time in your favourite stores before lockdown, you probably have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

In a TikTok trend, ex-employees from certain big brands are revealing some of the things they learnt while working there.

In a series of videos, former TK Maxx employee Emily Hodgson shared some of her secrets.

She titled the first video ‘TK Maxx Secrets! Don’t think I’m allowed to share these’ and revealed some things about the food they sell and the best times to buy makeup.

Speaking about why they are able to sell big brands at lower prices, she said: ‘Nine times out of ten the make-up or skincare you’re buying has been opened and tested.

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‘Make sure you check what you’re buying, the best time to shop is 10 or 11am once we’ve put all the new, fresh stock out.’

Moving onto the food and drink available, she said: ‘I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve found out of date food, drinks, that customers have already bought, started eating and drinking, then complained it tastes funny. 

‘So make sure you check the dates.’

Of course, TK Maxx usually doesn’t sell perishable goods and most items would have best before, rather than use-by dates. Foods marked with best-before dates may be sold after their marked dates, provided that they remain of good quality and are fit for human consumption

Emily also said that people buying a bag, a suitcase or a purse should expect staff to unzip the bag to check there’s no other items in there.

She said: ‘If there are some in there we always have to ask the customer “did you want these”.

‘Nine times out of ten they’d always say no. I always make up an excuse that we have to checking if the zips work.’

The next day she added another video sharing a few more tips.

TK maxx secrets part 2! #secrets #foryou #foryourpage #fyp

She said that TK Maxx stores usually don’t have public toilets and they very rarely let anyone use their staff loo, so don’t head there if you need the bathroom.

She also said that the strategy if they suspect someone of stealing was to offer great customer service, asking if they are ok and chatting to them to make sure they knew someone was around, but they could never accuse them of being a thief.

Finally, she said that in her store, there was a ‘gross’ problem with people urinating in the fitting rooms, so hopefully, anyone who has considered going to the toilet there will think about the staff cleaning it up.

We’ve contacted TK Maxx for comment and will update this article if they respond.

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