Exact date Netflix prices rise – and how to avoid paying more

BINGE watchers, movie lovers, and more, all have to start digging deeper into their pockets once Netflix prices go up.

For newbies it's happened already, but plenty of existing fans of the subscription service are beginning to find out the exact date they'll have to pay more too.

Netflix's basic and standard plan prices are going up by £1 a month, to £6.99 and £10.99 respectively.

While customers will be charged an extra £2 for the premium package, which will now cost £15.99.

Anybody who is new to Netflix has no choice but to sign up to the pricier fees.

But existing members will be, or may have already been, told about the changes at least 30 days before they are set to be charged.

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Netflix hikes subscription prices by up to £24 a year

That's what happened to one customer who shared the daunting reminder that came from their own account on bargain hunting forum, Latest Deals.

On a Facebook post they showed the message they got straight from the video giant itself.

It explained that their current payment plan would be going up on June 4.

The image was shared yesterday, May 4, meaning that particular subscriber had just one month to go before having to cough up a few more pennies every bill.

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But with different users having signed up on different days of the month naturally, it means the exact date your own subscription will go up could vary to your neighbour's, or your flatmate's, and so on.

Under the forum post, which has garnered as many as 74 comments in just hours, others shared that they were ALREADY forking out more.

One said: "Mine's been this price for two months now," as another said: "Mine changed back in April."

Along with its warning of the iminent hike, Netflix let its users know the reason for the hike was because it's "adding more great entertainment, so there's more for you to enjoy."

On the Facebook picture other users could see that this particular subscriber was set to cough up the full whack for a month of content too- at the maximum £15.99.

We have asked Netflix for comment.

How to avoid paying more


The boldest move you can make to avoid paying more for your hiked subscription, is to simply cancel it.

You can end your Netflix membership at any time and you won't be charged any additional fees for leaving.

As soon as your current billing period is up, you'll have cut all your ties with the streaming service and won't have to fork out for the pricier fee next month.

But it does mean no more shows, films or access to any other content saved on your profile.

So if you're not quit ready to abandon a binge watch all together, there's other ways to curb the costs too.

Free trials

You could take advantage of free trials – but you will need a new account to do this, so you might have to wave goodbye to your current watchlist or saved avatar.

Just make sure you set a calendar reminder for when the trial ends as you will be automatically switched to a monthly subscription if you fail to cancel in time, and you'll end up paying the higher rate anyway.


It's a good idea to keep an eye on your usage too.

If you've signed up to watch on more than one device, then there's more to pay – costing £10.99 a month to watch on two devices and £15.99 for four.

But if you only watch Netflix on one device, you could downgrade to the basic £6.99 package, already saving you up to £9 a month.

Bundle deals

It might be worth bundling up and only getting your subscription via other services you already pay for like broadband, and more.

Many mobile phone deals also give customers access to extra services such as music and film streaming.

EE users can access Netflix on certain plans.

While Sky customers can get Netflix "for free" with one of its latest deals.

But don't just choose a mobile phone or contract for these services alone though, as you will need to make sure the whole deal and handset is right for you.

Swap it out

Streaming services like Netflix aren't the only ways to watch the box.

Traditional TV stations such as Channel 4, ITV and 5 have their own free apps that feature live TV and an extensive back catalogue.

You can also access BBC shows through iPlayer, as long as you have a TV licence.

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And you can still watch all these on a computer, smartphone or through a set-top box.

You might have to sit through a lot more adverts but it means you don't have to fork out for the monthly fee.

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