Exclusive: Amy Forsyth Screams Her Lungs Out in This Terrifying Hell Fest Clip

If you’re planning on spending Halloween settling into the couch for a Netflix marathon but your friends are all like, “Pleeease come out with us — it will be fun! I swear!” . . . tell them no. Why? Because if you agree to go out, there’s a chance a masked killer might be running through the streets undetected, given the spooky holiday. At least, that’s essentially what happens in the upcoming horror movie Hell Fest.

Amy Forsyth stars as one member of a group of friends who get more than they bargained for when they roll up to an amusement park’s annual night of scares and bump into a serial killer. If that sounds like something you want to have nightmares about want to watch, then check out our exclusive clip from the film above before it hits theaters on Sept. 28!

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