Experts warn people to stop turning off unused radiators to save energy

If you don’t use a certain room in your house, why bother wasting your money heating it, right?

It makes sense to turn off unused radiators this winter, especially with the growing cost of living crisis.

But heating and boiler experts have warned people against it, stating it could end up costing you more in the long run.

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Ben Price, founder of Heatable explained: “Turning off your heating in unused rooms by turning the radiator's thermostatic radiator valve to zero or off can save you energy, but it could also cost you more money because ultimately they’re always directly related.”

However, the experts clarified this all depends on the age of your boiler.

Ben explained that if your boiler is an old G-rated and non-condensing boiler, typically pre-2005, then you will likely save by turning off your unused radiators.

However, if your boiler was installed after 2005 then it will be more efficient to leave them running at lower flow temperatures.

Ben goes on to explain that this is all due to the way modern condensing boiler technology works.

Instead of heat being wasted and sent out by your flue pipe it is recycled back into your central heating system.

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Since modern boilers operate at lower flower temperatures, reducing the flow temperature is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your heating.

Essentially it means the unused radiators or radiators in rooms not being used should be left open or on as not doing so will make your boiler have to work harder and burn more energy to reach the desired temperature of the radiators you have left on.

This all due to the fact that while the radiators are less hot, they are still able to heat your home to the desired temperature.

So, the thing to remember is if you are not using radiators in unused rooms, you still want to leave them on in order to allow water to continue to flow through them or the other radiators and ultimately your boiler will have to work harder.


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