Family’s holiday in limbo after BA cancel flights then charge double to rebook

A family's dream holiday is in tatters after British Airways cancelled their flights – and told them it would cost double to rebook their flights.

Tyrone Emmett and his family and friends are due to fly from Heathrow to Greece for a ten-day trip that has cost thousands of pounds.

Mr Emmett mistakenly received an e-mail on Friday from British Airways saying that the five flights he had booked had been cancelled due to industrial action.

While devastated, he went ahead with the instructions to claim a refund for the £1,381 flights.

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But less than 24 hours later a second e-mail from British Airways arrived saying that the original flights would go ahead as planned, Wales Online reported .

By then, the refund was already underway and he was told that rebooking the flights would cost £3,236.

“We booked the flights quite a while ago and we’ve all been really looking forward to it,” said Mr Emmett, from Cwmafan near Port Talbot .

“I’ve tried phoning British Airways more than 70 times since Friday, and still no answer. They just have a recorded message which says they are experiencing high call volumes.

"When they e-mailed me on Friday, they gave us two options – pick another set of flights on another date or get a full refund.

“We’ve booked a villa out in Greece for six nights and a hotel for another four nights, not to mention everything else we’ve organised out there for those dates, so flying at another time wasn’t any good to us.

"Because of this I asked for the refund. The next day, they told me all is fine with the flights. But my refund has already been actioned, and if I want to book on the same flight now the tickets have all of a sudden gone up in price by almost £2,000, from the £1,381 we paid originally to £3,236.”

The trip was something the family were looking forward to after a particularly difficult period.

Mr Emmett's dad has become carer for wife Teresa after a brain haemorrhage left her with just a 4% chance of survival.

Against the odds, she has returned home.

Mr Emmett said: "I’m supposed to go with my parents and a friend and his mother.

"It’s been a difficult time for us because my dad has become my mum’s full-time carer since she suffered a brain haemorrhage two years ago, and my best friend’s recently lost his father, so it’s meant to a be a break for him and his mum, too."

"They're not the only ones impacted and British Airways says it is "extremely sorry" and that they are "working tirelessly" to put things right.

But the family say they are in limbo and haven't had an update from the airline.

The remote nature of their destination, getting last-minute flights with another airline is not an option.

"We chose British Airways because you don’t expect any problems with a company like that.

"I wish we had booked flights with another airline now.”

“I just can’t get hold of them,” he added. “It’s not our fault. It’s their mess and they should sort it out.”

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