Fan Wearing ‘Sandlot’ T-Shirt Didn’t Recognize These Stars Walking by Him

If you’re gonna wear a movie quote on your shirt, you should at least know the reference! While in New York City this week, actors Tom Guiry and Patrick Renna met a fan who was wearing a ‘You’re Killing Me, Smalls!’ T-shirt — a tribute to a scene of theirs in the 1993 film The Sandlot — but the guy apparently didn’t realize he was face-to-face with the actors themselves.

“Said nice shirt to this dude walking by us and he had no idea what we were talking about,” Renna, 39, tweeted on Wednesday, July 25, posting a photo of himself and Guira, 36, posing with the unsuspecting fan. “Thought I would capture the moment.”

Not only was Guiry’s character the “Smalls” in question — Scotty Smalls, namely — but the shirt even bears an image of Renna in character as Hamilton “Ham” Porter.

Since starring in the sports comedy, Renna has appeared in episodes of The X-Files, ER, Boston Legal, and GLOW.

Guiry, meanwhile, has taken parts in the films Black Hawk Down, U-571 and The Revenant and starring role in the TV series The Black Donnellys. He also made headlines in 2013 for allegedly headbutting a police officer at a Houston airport.

The Sandlot opened to mixed reviews and underwhelming box office numbers upon its original release, but it has since become a cult classic. Renna and Guiry’s selfie with the seemingly-clueless fan comes the same week as the film’s 25th-anniversary theatrical rerelease.

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