Fans Think JPJ From ‘BiP’ Belongs On A Different Reality Show After This Weird Moment

John Paul Jones’ big personality has been center stage all season on Bachelor in Paradise, but now, he may have one-upped even himself. In case you missed it (or just didn’t believe your eyes) John Paul Jones caught a fish using nothing but his bare hands. And it was one of the weirdest moments on a reality show that’s already known for being ridiculous.

As Tayshia tried to figure out where her feelings were at for JPJ, they took a walk on the beach… and once again, he pulled off something that no one saw coming, which seems to be JPJ’s personal brand. He was in the water, reached down, and came back up with a fish in his hands — announcing proudly, "I caught a fish!" Um, what?

On one hand, this is the guy who does cartwheels down the beach and who recites Shakespeare verses he memorized, so should anyone be that surprised by anything he does at this point? On the other hand, it’s definitely not every day that someone can reach into the ocean and grab a fish like that — although it’s also worth noting that the poor fish didn’t need to die for JPJ’s amusement, if that’s what was happening at the time.

Somehow it seems like a totally classic JPJ move that he’d be able to catch a fish without a fishing pole and bait, though. It’s almost as if he’d been training for this moment.

Of course, this moment prompted a lot of people to take to Twitter to share their thoughts, because this was not just a scene in a TV show that anyone could just let pass them by — obviously. The man had a fish in his hands.

Some people were convinced that this was what proved JPJ actually belonged on another show… or another planet.

Others just couldn’t get over the fact that JPJ had actually just done that — yes, it’s hard to believe, especially since it’s so hard to see fish in the ocean at night because of how dark it is. Does he not only have secret fish catching skills, but also secret night vision skills as well?

Of course, these tweets point out that some people weren’t surprised at all that JPJ caught that fish, because of course he did.

Over the past six seasons, a lot of wild things have happened on Bachelor in Paradise, but this one will definitely stick out among them for seasons to come. Although fans got to know John Paul Jones pretty well on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, being on BiP has truly given his personality a chance to shine — and let’s just say there’s a lot of personality there.

There’s not much time left for these contestants in paradise, but JPJ almost certainly has more surprises up his sleeve. Will he be able to top his fish moment, though? That has yet to be determined.

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