Farrah Abraham’s Ex ‘Not Surprised’ After Her Arrest: ‘Jail Time Will Be Good For Her’

Simon Saran says Farrah Abraham was a ‘ticking time bomb’ before she was arrested and booked for battery in CA on June 13. Saran claims she called him to bail her out, but thinks this is the reality check she’s been needing!

Simon Saran, has zero sympathy for his ex, Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, 26, after she was arrested for allegedly attacking a man inside the Beverly Hills Hotel on June 13. In fact, “I’m not surprised Farrah got arrested. She was a ticking time bomb!” Saran tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She should take that as a reality check,” he said, adding, “Hopefully when she sobers up she can see what a jacka-s she really is. That officer did her a favor by taking her to jail. She was asking for it.”

When asked if Abraham had contacted him to bail her out of jail, Saran said, “Yes, she called several times.” But, Saran believes this is exactly what his ex needed. “I think jail time will be good for her right now,” he admits, explaining, that it’ll give Abraham “time to think, although, you need a brain in order to do that.” Saran also noted that Abraham “wants to get back with me and begged a few times.” The pair split back in April, after more than two years of dating on and off.

Saran also expressed concern for Abraham’s daughter, Sophia,” saying that the little girl “needs a good home.” Saran claims his ex has “online profiles on sugar baby websites,” and that he was told by her best friend about the accounts after he and Abraham split. “It’s really sad. I guess when you have a Fendi habit you got to do what you have to do you to support it,” Saran said. “It’s sad to see Sophia living with Farrah as she runs her prostitution business.

He then recalled a time when Abraham “once punched herself while she was looking in the mirror.” As for why she would do such a thing? — “Her reasoning was because her reflection was making funny faces,” Saran said.

Beverly Hills PD released the following statement to HollywoodLife.com following Abraham’s arrest:

On June 13, 2018, at approximately 1:19 a.m., Beverly Hills Police officers responded to the Beverly Hills Hotel for a report of a disturbance inside the hotel restaurant.  Officers arrived shortly thereafter and made contact with the person complained of, Farrah Abraham.  

A male adult hotel security officer reported that he asked Abraham to leave the hotel after she refused to disengage from a verbal altercation with hotel guests.  The security officer reported that Abraham struck him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed him in the face as he attempted to prevent her from re-entering the hotel.  Officers noted that Abraham exhibited signs of intoxication during the investigation.  

The victim sustained minor injury and was not transported to a hospital.

Abraham was arrested for misdemeanor battery and trespassing pursuant to a private person’s arrest.  She was booked at the Beverly Hills Jail and is being held on $500 bail. 

Abraham later took to Instagram to thank her fans for their well wishes and concerns after the arrest.

This isn’t the first time the reality star has been on the other side of the law. Abraham was booked in 2013 for a DUI in Omaha, Nebraska, after the police report indicated that she was swerving on the road. The report also stated that Abraham was “banging her head against the window while yelling and screaming” when she was placed in the backseat of a police car. She eventually blew a 0.147 — twice the legal limit.

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