Female contestants on The Bachelor Vietnam DITCH date for each other

That’s not how this show ends! Two female contestants on The Bachelor Vietnam ditch their eligible date – after falling in love with EACH OTHER

  • An episode of the Vietnamese version of The Bachelor threw viewers a curve-ball
  • The show saw two female contestants shun the attention of the man they were trying to date, in favour of pursuing a romance with each other  
  • Clip of moment one begs another to leave show and go with her has gone viral

Viewers of the Vietnamese version of the Bachelor were left more than a little surprised after two female contestants on the show ditched their eligible date and appeared to waltz off into the sunset together.

A clip of the moment contestant, named Minh Thu, confessed her love for a fellow date rival Truc Nhu, has since gone viral. 

The pair were competing on the show for the attentions of bachelor Quoc Trung but their romance threw audiences a curveball .

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The current Bachelor on the Vietnamese version of the show, an eligible chap named Quoc Trung, offered his rose to a lady named Truc Nhu – only for her to have other ideas

Another contestant, Minh Thu, is then seen approaching the Bachelor with a confession; as he tells him her search for love has ended, in the arms of rival contestant Truc Nhu

Minh is then seen pleading with Truc to go home with her; a tearful Truc heads over to the Bachelor to hand back her rose

The pair embrace before Truc breaks the news to her potential male love match

After telling Quoc that she has indeed found love on the show, Minh turns to Truc and says ‘come home with me.’ 

After moments of soul-searching, Truc, who had been given a rose by Quoc, suggesting he was keen to explore a relationship with her, hands back the rose.

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She tells him: ‘I know you’ll find someone who really loves you, who understands you, knows how to take care of you, who can look at you from afar and know how you’re feeling. I’m sorry.’

The new couple are then seen walking out of the door, with Truc clearly in tears. 

Viewers were smitten by the turn of events and quickly took to Twitter to comment on it.

She explains to Quoc Trung that she can’t stay on the show and can’t accept his rose

With tears in her eyes, she hands back the rose and makes her way for the door…

She’s closely followed by her fellow contestant Minh and the pair appear to head off into the sunset together…but a final twist followed, with Quoc persuading Truc to come back

@jsumler_ wrote: ‘She said “come home with me” the hopeless romantic in me is living’ 

@angmichaud added: ‘Get me a rose to hide behind while I cry, because I am WREKT’

Others said it was a progressive move for the show that celebrates heterosexual relationships. 

@hanlouiesmith penned: ‘A beautiful moment for good exposure for the bi-sexual community everywhere on national television – and we are here for these ladies!’

There was still a plot twist to come though; after a heart-to-heart with Quoc, Truc decides to give their potential love affair a second chance and goes back into the room, leaving a heartbroken Minh Thu to leave alone. 

The Bachelor has proved a huge hit since its launch in America in 2002, spawning similar versions in countries across the globe.

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