Female trainee neurosurgeon is told be her male boss to change jobs

Trainee neurosurgeon shares her frustration on Twitter after her ‘sexist’ male boss tells her to change jobs if she wants ‘a husband and children’

  • Brighton medical student Emily Mills posted details on social media of the exasperating exchange she had with her male registrar 
  • As the trainee neurosurgeon returned to her fourth year placement, she was told she should consider another career if she wants to have ‘a husband and children’ 
  • Mills tweeted that she could understand why some women were put off taking up a career in surgery when they faced such attitudes in the medical profession   
  • Twitter users responded to the everyday sexism with rallying messages

A trainee neurosurgeon has expressed her frustration on social media after she was told by her male boss that she should consider a different job if she wanted a ‘husband and children’.

Using the hashtag #everydaysexism, Emily Mills, who’s studying in Brighton, posted two tweets following the exchange with the registrar on her first day as a fourth year medic in Neurosurgery. 

She wrote:  ‘Excellent. First day back in fourth year on Neurosurgery and told by a male registrar that in 10 years time when I have a husband and children that I probably won’t want to be a surgeon so I should be something else instead. 

‘What a way to start placement #everydaysexism.’ 

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Emily Mills, a trainee neurosurgeon, expressed her frustration on Twitter today after she was told by a male registrar that she should change her job because in ten years’ time she won’t be able to do it if she has a husband and children

Emily quickly followed with a second tweet saying: ‘No wonder all my female colleagues are unsure of a career in surgery or are put off when you’re told you can’t do it before you’ve even had a chance to try.’

The tweets have quickly garnered a slew of support, with many suggesting that she should formally complain about the remarks. 

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Others offered support and shared their own similar experiences. 

@rabbitholer wrote:  ‘He’s probably scare [sic] of the competition! You’ll be great! And then, with time, you’ll outshine him! :-)’ 

@KirstyWalker__ added: ‘Find his line manager and have a word. Also contact your university and inform them of this. This is wholly unacceptable. Drag him honey, do us proud.’  

@Fawkes_MD tweeted they’d been advised to ‘stay away from neurosurgery all together because it’s “hard for women.” 

@ModgePKR wrote: ‘It’s amazing really that he knows your 10 year plan better than you do. Ask him for the lottery numbers…’ 

@beekers03 posted: ‘Eff that dude. You’re going to be an amazing surgeon. And while being a wife and mother, IF that’s what you want.’  

@Bigmummh shared her own, similar experience, where she was told by a male co-worker she wouldn’t be working in ten years’ time. She wrote: ’10 years later I was a Tech Project Manager in a large shipping group. Ignore them and do what YOU want. #everydaysexism’

The tweets were retweeted by the @everydaysexism Twitter account which documents ‘experiences of sexism, harassment and assault to show how bad the problem is and create solidarity.’

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