Firefighters bring Wendy’s baked potato to woman who burned her own

There’s no use crying over burned potatoes — especially when the local fire department delivers a replacement.

A woman in Glade Spring, Va., was treated to get a special delivery of Wendy’s baked potatoes, courtesy of the Glade Spring Fire Department after she accidentally burned her own inside the microwave.

According to the fire station, the woman’s original potato — which she had wrapped in paper towels — began to smoke after she placed it in the microwave. She removed it and threw it in the sink just before firefighters arrived and assisted in ventilating her home.

Afterward, the department’s deputy chief made a quick run to the local Wendy’s and returned with “fresh baked potatoes for the homeowner,” according to a Facebook post.

The department, however, was unclear on whether they sprung for a loaded potato with chili and cheese or just the standard sour-cream-and-chive.

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