#Fitsnews Says The #SouthernCharm Star Thomas Ravenel Is Becoming Unhinged

‘Fitsnews’ is calling Ravenel’s recent behavior ‘manic’

Fans of Southern Charm are familiar with the erratic behavior of Thomas Ravenel, who is known for tweeting and deleting threats, including those against his Southern Charm cast. But now Thomas Ravenel has been caught by Fitsnews threatening a woman who runs a popular Southern Charm Instagram page.

Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel Has A Short Fuse

Fitsnews is run by former Thomas Ravenel confidante Will Folks who has recently received his own threats, including a promise to sue him and Fitsnews for running an article about a woman who says Thomas Ravenel sexually assaulted her mother and then settled a civil lawsuit with her which included a non-disclosure agreement. Fitsnews says Ravenel is unraveling.

“In fact, if you look up ‘unhinged’ in the dictionary …”

Ravenel has had reason to be frustrated with life as his political career was derailed by time behind bars on cocaine charges, and his aspirations were washed away by an unsuccessful run to unseat Lindsey Graham. His off again, on again, off again relationship with Southern Charm co-star Kathryn Dennis is off for good and both are attempting to parent their two children.

Thomas Ravenel is now also on the outs with Southern Charm creator Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mother, doyenne Patricia Altschul after some nasty social media comments courtesy of Southern Charm castmate Ravenel.

Will Folks of Fitsnews says that Thomas Ravenel is now resigned to being a crass villain on a Bravo reality show.

“Now he serves as the resident heterosexual cad on Southern Charm, providing Bravo’s growing audience of women and gay men with a weekly lightning rod of antebellum aggression and a**-clownery they can tweet about ad nauseam.”

Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel Is Known For Tweeting And Deleting

But Ravenel has an off-screen habit that includes posting nastygrams on Twitter that unless someone takes a screenshot, go away after being deleted. But Thomas Ravenel has also been leaving angry voicemails for people who write things on social media that he doesn’t like. Karla Gibson who runs a Southern Charm fan Instagram page shared one of these voicemails with Fitsnews.

“I hope you have a lot of money for attorneys ’cause I’m gonna spend at least $200,000 coming after you,” Ravenel added, his voice growing agitated. “I will destroy you. You are a sick person.”

Ironically, $200k is the dollar amount that Ashley Perkins alleges Thomas Ravenel paid her mother as a sexual assault settlement.

Gibson said that Ravenel’s threats scared her.

“He [Ravenel] scared me. It was really frightening to hear. I remember thinking to myself ‘who is this crazy man who is threatening me?’”

Ravenel Berated A Southern Charm Fan Over Voicemail, And The Apologized

Ravenel then came to his senses and attempted to apologize to Gibson, but instead of taking responsibility, he blamed it all on his current girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.

“He was manic,” she recalled. “He wouldn’t let me speak. He kept badmouthing Ashley – making fun of her.”

Fitsnews founder Will Folks says that Ravenel’s off again on again habit was not just for Kathryn Dennis, but it now extends to Ashley. Folks wrote an article giving some love to Ashley who would be new to Southern Charm, but Ravenel thought she was shown too much love. Ravenel said that Ashley was flirting with Folks, and tweeted to say he was dumping Ashley.

After that, Folks offered Ravenel some life advice to control his temper before it got him into trouble on and off Southern Charm.

“Ravenel hasn’t demonstrated he can be trusted as a consistent messenger. Like, at all. If anything, he’s demonstrated that he is guaranteed to implode at one point or another.”

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