Five straight women reveal the best sex they ever had was with females

Mel B and Geri aren’t the only ones at it! Five straight women tell Tracey Cox the best sex they ever had was with a female – and they say EVERYONE should try it

  • Mel B confessed she once had sex with Geri Halliwell, despite being straight
  • 25% of straight women aged 18-24 say they’ve had a lesbian sexual encounter 
  • Here, straight women reveal their best ever sexual experiences – with women
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The Spice Girls aren’t the only ones spicing up their sex lives with a little girl-on-girl action.

More straight women than ever are experimenting with the same sex and fewer believe that their gender is something that’s fixed.

Mel B, who confessed this week that she had sex with Geri Halliwell at the height of The Spice Girls fame, doesn’t describe herself as bi-sexual even though she’s had other relationships with women.

According to a study of 2000 women (by Grazia and Onepoll) a quarter of 18 to 24-year-old women who identify as straight say they’ve had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex.

Mel B, pictured with Geri Halliwll at the Brit Awards in 1997. Mel confessed this week that she had sex with her bandmate at the height of The Spice Girls fame, but she  doesn’t describe herself as bi-sexual even though she’s had other relationships with women

One US study of nearly 34,000 adults found the percentage of women reporting same-sex experiences for the period of 1972 to 2016 more than doubled in that period.

The study in the Journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour also showed a dramatic increase in the percentage of Americans who find these sexual interactions acceptable.

I spoke to five women – who identify as straight – about their same sex experiences and all five said it was some of the best sex they’ve ever had.

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I had a threesome

‘I’ve always fantasised about sleeping with a woman but never really thought about taking it through to reality. But when I was 35, I ended up in a friends with benefits arrangement with a male friend of mine. He made no secret of the fact he’d love to watch me with another woman and I found myself coming around to the idea. 

‘One day he told me a friend of his was coming over from America and he’d had a threesome with her before. He showed me a photo and asked if I’d consider having sex with her. I was drunk at the time and said yes. 

‘The next day I told him no. But I agreed to meet her and he invited her to dinner at his apartment. We all got drunk – of course – and she was attractive and very funny. 

‘She straddled my lap on the sofa for a laugh and started kissing me. It was all very jokey but suddenly the mood changed and next thing I know we’re both properly making out. It felt strange at first. Women’s bodies are so soft and it was the first time I’d ever felt another woman’s breasts. Kissing was so different as well. 

Tracey Cox spoke to five women – who identify as straight – about their same sex experiences and all five said it was some of the best sex they’ve ever had. One said she slept with a woman during a threesome (stock image) 

‘Female tongues are smaller and she kissed much gentler than men do. We ended up naked and both had orgasms. 

‘They say lesbians often report having the highest satisfaction with sex and I can see why. Who knows better how to pleasure a woman’s body than another woman?’

My first sexual experiences were with my best friend

‘I was 17 and had a really high sex drive but I didn’t want to lose my virginity yet and the boyfriends I’d had weren’t actually very good at foreplay. I remember talking to my girlfriend about how horny I was and she said she was too and then she leant across and kissed me. 

‘I was shocked but it felt good to kiss her, so I went with it and we had a long kiss that included tongues. Then we started playing “pretend” in my bedroom with the door locked. She’d be a travelling salesman and I’d be the housewife she’d seduce – things like that. 

More straight women than ever are experimenting with the same sex and fewer believe that their gender is something that’s fixed, says sex expert Tracey Cox (pictured)

‘Interesting looking back, the role-play scenarios always turned one of us into a “man”.  There was lots of kissing and fondling of breasts and grinding pelvises and, eventually, some very tentative oral sex. 

‘It all stopped when I met my first serious boyfriend. It never occurred to me to date a woman and I never felt like I wanted to become a lesbian. 

‘It was more a practical solution to my problem of wanting sex but not wanting to have it with a guy who wasn’t very good at it. We drifted apart once I started dating and I haven’t seen her since. 

‘I’m now 32 and don’t regret doing it at all. It was intense because those were my first sexual experiences and I also loved it because the sex felt safe. I trusted her with my body. When I lost my virginity to my boyfriend I was far more anxious. Penises were scary to me back then, another female body wasn’t.’

I got seduced by my yoga teacher

‘I lived in America for a while and got into yoga. I was young (24) and got friendly with one of the yoga teachers. She was absolutely beautiful: long dark hair, olive skin and a full, gorgeous mouth – all natural, too! 

‘At first I just envied her and wished I looked like her. I was always telling her how lucky she was to look the way she did. She would flirt with me. Say things like “You’re prettier than me” and tell me how sexy I looked (‘You look delicious. I could eat you up!’). 

‘I was confused. I went from envying her to wondering what it would be like to kiss her and wondering if she was bi-sexual. We’d go for coffee or breakfast after the class but one day she said “Let’s go for dinner tonight”. The way she said it made it sound like a date. I was so nervous and took ages planning what to wear. 

One straight woman told Tracey Cox she was seduced by her yoga teacher. She was young and living in America when her bi-sexual instructor asked her to dinner, which began the start of a two-month affair

‘When we met, she kissed me, lightly, on the mouth and I was pretty sure I got it right: she was bi-sexual. About half way through she asked me if I’d ever slept with a woman and I said no. She told me she was bi-sexual and that she’d love to kiss me but only if I was up for it. 

‘I was. We had an affair that lasted two months. The sex was out-of-this-world amazing but I knew I’d never fall in love with a woman. She was fine when I ended it, I think she knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I haven’t been tempted since but my advice to any woman who is bi-curious is to go for it. It’s less scary than you think and the sex is great!’

I had sex in a tent with a friend at a festival

‘It was my first music festival and, like pretty much everyone else there, I got horrendously drunk. It was the first time I’d been that drunk and I didn’t know how to handle it. I decided to go back to our tent until it wore off. 

‘One of other girls in our group – who I knew but not well – volunteered to go back with me and look after me because she was tipsy as well. 

‘We both lay on the sleeping bags facing each other and the next minute we were kissing and it all went from there. It was surreal. 

‘We didn’t talk much during it or make eye contact but the orgasm she gave me was the best I’ve ever had in my life. I think it was a combination of the alcohol and being at a festival and wanting to be “naughty”. We went back to the join the others afterwards.

One woman revealed she was ‘horrendously drunk’ at  festival when a female friend and her ended up sleeping together in a tent. The pair both knew they didn’t want to repeat it, but said it was an ‘incredible experience’

‘The next day, we were both shocked by what we’d done and embarrassed. We avoided each other and it was weird between us. The other girls noticed and started asking questions, so we had no choice but to have a chat and sort it out. No way was anyone else knowing about it! 

‘Once we both knew we didn’t want a repeat, we relaxed. I didn’t regret doing it though – it was an incredible experience.’

I went to a sex party for women only

‘An adventurous friend of mine wanted to go to a sex party that provides bi-curious experiences for straight women and didn’t want to go solo.

‘I took some convincing: it meant going naked or just wearing lingerie at some point. Her body is great, mine is OK but it’s not perfect. I was more worried about that aspect than anything else! 

‘I was surprised when I got there. The women were older than I’d expected and the ones we spoke to were all professionals. Nothing much happened at first, we all stood around talking and drinking champagne. But then two women started kissing each other in the middle of the room – I think they were asked to do it by the organisers – but it worked and everything kicked off from there. 

One woman shared she had the best oral sex of her life after meeting a woman at a women’s only sex party aimed at bi-curious women. While she says she wouldn’t have sex with a woman again, it is the subject of all her fantasies 

‘There were rooms you could go into, with no doors on them. By the end of the night I don’t think there was one woman who wasn’t kissing or doing something to another…except for me. 

‘My friend disappeared about two hours into the party. I think she was embarrassed to have sex in front of me but I did spy her on a bed with three other women. I was content to watch but then another woman started talking to me. She was new to the whole thing as well and it seemed less threatening to be with her. We found a private corner and started kissing. I kept laughing to begin with and couldn’t take it seriously. 

‘But then I found it really exciting and ended up getting the best oral sex I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’d go again but that experience has been the theme of nearly all my fantasies since then.’

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