Florida Man Faces Charges For Making Weapons Of Mass Destruction

A Florida man has been arrested and faces charges for creating weapons of mass destruction in his parent’s basement.

Christopher Langer, 31, was arrested on Sunday in DeBary Florida where he lives with his parents. Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told CBS News that Langer had been in the process of assembling an explosive weapon he intended to use on law enforcement officers, but his efforts were foiled after his parents called the police to report a domestic disturbance.

The disturbance call turned out to be related to Langer’s bomb-making efforts. When Langer answered the door, obviously inebriated, he told officers he had thrown a grenade out into the backyard. Police were able to locate the metal device and then proceeded to evacuate the home while they called the bomb squad.

After a thorough search, officers were able to recover over 200 containers of acid, unknown powders, and other materials. Some of the plastic containers contained bodily fluids such as urine and were likely to be used to extract ammonia, a common component of both urine and explosives.

Sheriff Chitwood explained that Langer was dangerously close to creating a weapon of mass destruction.

Officers were also able to locate a SpongeBob Squarepants lunchbox that had been rigged as a booby trap, as well as instructional documents for creating homemade explosives.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives were also called to the scene and worked round the clock to remove the dangerous and contraband materials from Langer’s home. In all, 79 containers were taken away by the Bureau.

“That domestic violence call probably saved us from making national and international news,” Chitwood told local TV news. “He has all the components in there to make a weapon of mass destruction.”

Langer was known to police, as not too long ago 911 dispatched emergency responders after Langer overdosed on heroin.

“Two weeks ago, we saved your goddamn life, and now we’re here, two weeks later, and you’re talking about how you want to blow us all up,” exclaimed Chitwood, clearly disgruntled.

Langer’s parents say they were completely unaware of his extracurricular activities. Langer is being held at Volusia County Branch Jail for possessing destructive device but could face further charges as the investigation continues.

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