Florida Mom Dragged to Her Death in Argument Over Daughter's Parking Space: Witnesses

Her daughter told her someone was parked in her spot. It was their last ever conversation.

A Florida mom has been killed in an argument over a parking space, witnesses say.

Olga Fernandez was reportedly dragged to her death after confronting a man who had parked in her daughter’s designated spot.

The incident happened early Sunday morning February 13 in Hialeah, outside her apartment where she lived with her two adult children.

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Neighbors told police that when Fernandez’s 24-year-old daughter returned home, there was someone parked in her spot, and she asked him to leave — but he would not. She went inside to report what happened to her mom… and it was to be their last ever conversation.

“Her daughter said, ‘mom, someone is in the parking lot,’ and her mom went downstairs and she went to the bathroom,” Fernandez’s best friend Ileana Ajo told NBC Miami.

“When she came out of the bathroom, she heard her mom screaming.”

According to witnesses, after the mom-of-two went out to confront the driver, the car ran her over and dragged her into the street, before fleeing the scene.

Distressing footage shows paramedics attempting to save Fernandez at the scene before she was whisked away in an ambulance. She later died at hospital.

Hialeah Police are now on the hunt for a black Toyota Corolla with front end damage.

Ajo said Fernandez’s daughter Diana is still in shock.

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“The girl says that she can’t close her eyes because she sees her mother on the floor bleeding from her mouth, saying, ‘I can’t breathe,'” Ajo said.

“I feel like half of me has been taken away,” she added. “Yesterday, I found out that I’m going to be a grandmother again, and I’m far from being happy. I felt sadness because I wanted to call her and tell her, but she wasn’t there.”

Another devastated neighbor Jeanette told WESH she had heard the commotion but had been afraid to look; the death of her friend is particularly painful, as Fernandez had once saved her three-year-old daughter’s life.

“My daughter had stopped breathing and blacked out,” she told the broadcaster. “My mother went out running, but she doesn’t know how to drive. Olga saw my mother, dialed 911 and gave her CPR.”

“She saved my daughter’s life, she’s a great person. I will be eternally grateful, and will always be there for her children.”

A GoFundMe to help the family has so far raised almost $8,000.

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