Foodie horrified after being charged £8.50 for avocado on toast in London

Brits often get into foodie debates on Reddit surrounding how people eat and prepare their food.

From baked beans to ‘serial killer’ sandwiches, Reddit has seen it all.

This time, the millennial favourite avocado has come under fire after being the main ingredient of a rather extortionately priced piece of toast.

Taking to Reddit, one scorned foodie has shared a piece of avocado toast costing a whopping £8.50.

Of course, like any other expensive bread based lunch this Reddit user bought their toast in London.

The original poster titled the post: “I paid £8.50 for “smashed avocado on toast” in central London.”

Attached to the post is a picture of the burnt piece of toast with a small splodge of smashed avocado on top.

Horrifying for many, people took to the comments to share their disgust over the pricey piece of toast.

One person commented: “Avocados are £1 in Tesco. Where are you getting your £8.50 ones?”

Someone else stated: “It's not even like it's much effort to make yourself for £1.00.”

Meanwhile, another person said: “That s**t is a work of art. Should be double the price easy…”

Whilst a fourth user commented: “Nowadays the choice you get in these trendy cafes now is some fancy sarnie with some weird health food slant to it that decimates your wallet, is inedible and you probably have to queue up for…bacon sarnie please…brown sauce.”

Another user added: “Legit thought this was chip shop mushy peas on toast and now I'm getting all sorts of meal ideas.”

However, someone simply said: “Well, that is smashed avocado on toast.”

We think we may just stick with a meal deal for now.

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