Friend of Diana calls Meghan a ‘firecracker’ while Kate is ‘dignified’

Meghan is a ‘showstopping firecracker’ who is ‘all about her brand’ while Kate is ‘dignified’ but ‘needs to ‘relax more’, Princess Diana’s former astrologer claims

  • Princess Diana’s former astrologer told what she would think of the Duchesses
  • Debbie Frank revealed the late Princess would have helped ‘dignified’ Kate relax
  • She called Meghan Markle ‘a firecracker’ who was all about the ‘Meghan brand’
  • Revealed Duchesses are ‘such very different people’ with little in common

The Duchess of Sussex is a ‘firecracker’ who is all about her ‘brand’ while her sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge is ‘elegant and dignified’, according to Princess Diana’s former astrologer.

Debbie Frank said the two duchesses are ‘very different people’ with ‘little in common’ during a discussion about what the late princess would have thought of her sons’ wives.   

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo News’ Royal Box, Debbie told of the astrological incompatibilities between Harry and Meghan and Kate and William – and specifically, the two women.

Princess Diana’s former astrologer claims  the two duchesses are ‘very different people’ with ‘little in common’ during a discussion about what the late princess would have thought of her sons’ wives. She was interviewed by Yahoo News’ Royal Box web series, pictured above

‘Meghan is a complete firecracker of a girl – a throwback to the days of The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. We’ve got a big showstopper there,’ she said.

‘A huge contrast with Kate, who’s very elegant and very dignified.’  

Debbie went on to say that she believes Princess Diana would have been a ‘great mother-in-law’. 

‘She would have certainly helped everyone ease into royal life,’ she revealed.

‘Diana really warmed to people who were relaxed with her. Hopefully she could have got Kate to relax a bit more.’

Debbie met the late princess, with whom she shared a close bond, through a mutual friend in 1999, when Diana was ‘going through a rough time’. 

Princess Diana’s astrologer Debbie Frank called Meghan ‘a showstopper’ and ‘firecracker’ who is ‘all about the Meghan brand’ 

The astrologer described Kate Middleton as ‘very dignified and very elegant’ although she suggested that Princess Diana could have helped her to ‘relax more’ 

Speaking about the differences between the two young duchesses, Debbie told how they were ‘very different people’, adding: ‘They don’t have much in common except they married two brothers and have married in this role – this job.’

She went on: ‘Kate’s a person who’s careful and cautious; she’s going to do things properly and slowly and think about them. 

‘Meghan’s a tour de force; she’s all about the Meghan Markle brand. She’s a very different person from Kate.’

She went on to say that she thought Princess Diana and Meghan were ‘very similar’ as people.  

Debbie also revealed the differences between the royal couples, and how they work and interact  

Other than attending Wimbledon tennis tournament last summer without their husbands, Meghan and Kate are rarely spotted alone together. 

Debbie’s comments follow rumours of a rift between the Cambridges and Sussexes, fuelled by Harry and Meghan’s recent move away from the family of five – who live at Kensington Palace – to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

There were claims that Kate was left in tears following Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress fitting, ahead of Meghan and Harry’s wedding in May last year, as well as suggestions the pair had clashed over staff.

However a source previously told The Daily Mail’s royal correspondent Rebecca English: ‘While there are some tensions behind the scenes, Kate is pretty unflappable and nothing has become bad enough to make Harry and Meghan want to move out.

The royal astrologer also told how Prince Harry was ‘very devoted’ to his wife and a ‘royal servant’ to the people

Meanwhile Debbie described William as ‘very sensitive’ and the opposite to wife Kate Middleton, who is ‘strong’ 

‘People are genuinely pleased to see them so happy. The truth is that there simply isn’t enough room at Kensington Palace for them and I know they have been looking at Windsor as a possibility since before the wedding.’ 

Debbie also voiced her opinion on how the royal couples interact and work with each other, pointing out their differences.

She said: ‘Kate and William are opposite. He needs his own rock, his own steadying force. 

‘He’s very sensitive and I think he actively didn’t want to marry someone who was going to dissolve into a heap. Kate’s strength is a source of sustenance for him.’

Meanwhile she described Harry as ‘a royal servant’ who was ‘very devoted’ to his wife.  She went on: ‘He would love to do everything he can for her.’  

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