‘Gangster’s wife’ threatened to ‘rip beautician’s face off’ after lip appointment was cancelled due to illness – The Sun

A BEAUTICIAN was left shocked after she asked a client if she could re-book their lip appointment due to her child being ill and received aggressive messages in reply. 

Eyebrow specialist Stacey Ward, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, claims she was threatened by a “gangster’s wife” who threatened to rip her colleague’s face off. 

Mum-of-one Stacey shared how the woman told her she was “not someone to be messed around” and that their “fella” is a “real villain.”

The brow guru said after sharing the bizarre messages on social media, she barred the client from coming to her salon, Sparkling Beautique Salon & Training Academy.

Stacey had messaged the abusive client after she initially sent an expletive-laden response to her employee Charnie, who had enquired about the reschedule. 

Charnie had sent: “I have caught the Norovirus and Stacey daughter has it too. Could I reschedule you this week if possible for your lips hun?”

The client’s foul-mouthed response said: “Nar f*** off you dirty s***.

“Get to me f****** door. Am going rip your f****** face off for reschedule.”

Stacey then replied to the woman: “This is Stacey the salon owner. My daughter isn’t well so I have asked to reschedule your appointment and this is your reply?”

The angry customer responded: “Listen live. Am a gangsters wife am not someone to be messed around.

“Me fellas a real villain.”

Stacey shared the baffling text exchange on social media, and said: “I mean some customers haven’t been happy with what’s going on today with the salon being closed but this is taking it to a whole new level. 

“I’m actually lost for words.”

It’s unclear whether the woman Stacey was messaging was joking or genuinely fuming.

Stacey’s salon has a 4.8 star rating on Google from 16 reviews, with one person raving: “Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my Russian lashes, they are amazing!”

Another added: “I was made to feel very welcome on arrival and the treatments I had were amazing. Highly recommend and I’m looking forward to my future appointments x”

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