How to get a FREE pizza from Pizza Express just by using your PHONE

Revealed: How to get a FREE pizza from Pizza Express just by using your PHONE (and it’s been so popular it caused the restaurant’s app to crash)

  • Customers can bag a free Classic or Leggara pizza if they download the app
  • There’s no requirement to purchase anything but you must fill out a profile
  • Diners will then be given a code that can be used between Sunday and Thursday 

It’s often said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but whomever spoke those words clearly didn’t know about a new Pizza Express deal.

The high street restaurant chain is offering a free pizza to customers, and all they have to do to take up the offer is use their phone.

There’s no requirement to purchase anything, and all diners need to do to bag themselves one free Classic or Leggara pizza is to download the restaurant’s app.

The offer was so popular when it first launched that the app crashed under the pressure.

Diners can pick up a free Classic or Leggara pizza at Pizza Express if they download the restaurant’s app until May 29

To pick up the deal, customers need to download the app and fully register before midnight on Tuesday, May 29.

To register, users need to complete their profile by selecting the app menu and choosing the ‘My PE’ option.

Diners will then be sent a code for one free pizza, which can be exchanged in restaurants when you dine in between Sunday to Thursday, excluding bank holiday Monday, Fridays, Saturdays and Father’s Day, which this year falls on Sunday, June 17.

Once diners have their code, it will be valid for up to six weeks.

Pizzas at the chain range between £9 and £12 usually so customers could save a lot on their dining out bill (pictured: a Hawaiian pizza)

Pizzas at the restaurant chain can range in price from £9 to £12, so the offer could save customers some serious money.

There is no requirement to purchase anything else at the restaurant, and you can use more than one code per table if your loved ones download the app too.

The offer can only be used for Classic and Leggara pizzas, excluding Calabrese and ‘Romana’ pizzas, though customers can pay to upgrade to these meals if they so wish.

Items on the kids’ Piccolo menu, takeaway or delivery orders, are also excluded, and the restaurant will charge for extra toppings.

The free pizza also can’t be used with any other offers at the same table. 

Pizza Express first launched the offer in March after launching its new app, when it proved so popular it crashed the app’s server. 

Now it has offered the deal again for pizza fans. 

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