Could YOU get a Myleene Klass body in 12 weeks?

Could YOU get Myleene’s body in 12 weeks? Star challenges five Femail readers to take on her new fitness programme for busy mums – which got her in the best shape of her life at 40

  • EXCLUSIVE: Five Femail readers are undertaking 12-week plan with Myleene 
  • Programme devised with fitness experts involves four workouts a week 
  • Sue Pearson, 52, from Herefordshire wants to get in shape for 30th anniversary
  • Janette Hutt, 44 from Essex piled on weight after miscarriage heartache  

Myleene Klass is in the best shape of her life at 40 thanks to devising a new fitness programme specially tailored for busy mothers who are low on spare time and energy to work out. 

And now the star has challenged five Femail readers to try out her workout programme for the next 12 weeks, to see if it can help them shape up and boost their confidence while fitting into their busy schedules. 

Myleene met with the five readers – ranging from size 12 to 22 – at premium co-working space Fora to take them through the pace of MyBody By Myleene, designed with fitness experts for women in their 30s and 40s. 

Among the women hoping to get in shape are nurse Paige Turner, 28, from London who struggles to find time for herself; Sue Pearson, 52, from Hertfordshire who wants to get back her wedding day weight for her 30th anniversary and Janette Hutt, 44, from Essex who gained weight after miscarriage heartache.

‘It’s amazing to meet these girls and here what their goals are, what their motivation is, where they’ve come from,’ Myleene told Femail.

‘They’re like all of us with their own goals and hang ups and insecurities. I think how wonderful they can do this together and get their strength from each other 

‘One girl wants to work on her health, another wants to  get into her bikini and be the girl she was for her husband 30 years ago.

‘Two of the girls are carers, which is always really interesting. You always find they go to the bottom of the list and forget to look after themselves. My mum’s a nurse and I understand that mentality. 

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Myleene Klass has challenged five Femail readers to try out her new exercise programme for the next 12 weeks 

Myleene took the ladies through their paces and showed them how to perfect their crunching technique, during a workout session at premium co-working space Fora

A pep talk from Myleene. The entrepreneur and presenter encouraged the five women, telling them ‘you’ve got this’ 

Paige, Lema, Miranda, Sue and Anette will be taking part in Myleene’s fitness programme for the next 12 weeks

As well as helping the women to get in shape, Myleene is keen to see her charges grow in self-esteem throughout the 12 weeks.  

‘There are some girls you can see don’t have much confidence. Some have some, but maybe it’s bravado,’ she explained. You can find yourself in the position of playing a character. 

‘But with this you can genuinely be who you want to be, or get where you want to be.’ 

When devising the programme, Myleene had working mothers firmly in mind.  

What is MyBody by Myleene? 

Myleene shows how to perform a lunge using the sandbell 

Devised by MyBody By Myleene’s team of Fitness Experts, including her personal trainer Louis Rennocks, the programme is made up of three difference workouts. 

Subscribers receive two workout DVDs, a wallplanner and a 2.5kg sandbell, and can also access the workouts online.  

MyStrength: Functional loaded movement exercises using a sandbell. 30 minutes

MyPower: Fat burning cardio boxing workouts. 30 minutes

MyCore: Slow tempo ab work with adapted Pilates and yoga moves. 15 minutes

Participants do one of each of the above workouts a week and then a fourth workout of their choice. 

The MyStrength and MyPower workouts can be broken down into 12, 16 or 20 minute chunks, so that you could do one part before the school run and another later in the day. 

Rather than the current trend for high intensity interval training, the programme focuses on continuous cardio that will burn fat, but is at a manageable pace that will encourage you to stick to the programme. 

Boxing has been chosen for the fat burning cardio method as research shows it requires full-body engagement, and so burns more calories than running or cycling that use predominantly the lower body.

The workouts get progressively harder after week four and then again at eight weeks to ensure there’s no plateau in weight loss. 

‘If you’re a working girl or a knackered mum I think it can be intimidating to walk into a gym and everyone has the latest gear on and they’re all gym bunnies ready for  the Instagram shot,’ she said. 

‘And you walk in and you think can I keep up. Am I going to get it wrong. Do I know how to use the equipment? 

What’s nice is you can get out of bed and do the school run and then do it in the kitchen. You can do it with the kids. My friend is doing it with her husband and she’s using the sandbell and her husband is using one of the pans.

When I filmed this I thought of mums. How wonderful to make it fun as opposed to endurance. You don’t want to go up against beefcakes.

The former Hear’Say star is in the best shape of her life at 40, which has inspired her to share the MyBody By Myleene plan


Weight: 16st 11lb 

Size: 16 – 18 

When I was younger I used to play Sunday league netball, which I can no longer do and now struggle to find activities I can participate in and enjoy following foot surgery.

In the past I have been very motivated to go to the gym and used to do three to five sessions of Aqua Aerobics per week and would like to return to regular activity.

As a nurse, I find it difficult to maintain any type of routine due to my constant shift changes and I feel MyBody by Myleene is suited to my busy lifestyle.

I have grown up a fan of Myleene from her Hear’Say days until now so I have seen her public physical transformation and she is an inspiration.

Paige Turner, 28, from London (wearing New Balance leggings and a Dorina sports bra, left) finds it hard to fit exercise into her busy schedule as a nurse. Right: Paige wears New Balance leggings and a Souluxe by Matalan top 

SUE PEARSON, 52, Hertfordshire

Weight: 9.5 stone

Size: 12 – 14

I have been gaining weight recently and am now the heaviest I have been since I was pregnant and I had an excuse then. 

I’ve noticed that since gaining weight I am getting short of breath and it worries me that if I don’t start looking at my diet and doing some exercise to lose the weight, things will get worse. 

Also, I’m not able to get in to my favourite dress and when I put on a work jacket on the other day it barely fitted, which was really depressing. 

Sue Pearson, 52, from Hertfordshire (wearing New Balance, left) wants to fit into her bikini for her upcoming holiday to Mexico and be the same weight for her 30th wedding anniversary that she was on the big day. Right: Sue wears New Balance leggings and a Dorina sports bra  

I’m doing this 12-week MyBody challenge because I think it’s the lack of exercise coupled with sitting at a desk for my job as a science writer nibbling snacks that is contributing to my weight gain.

The other incentive I have is that I’m going on a beach holiday to Mexico at the end of July and I’m celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary in September and I’d like to be the same weight I was when I got married. 

This means I need to lose about a stone and a half over the 12 weeks, which I think is achievable and I’m going to really commit to this.

Myleene’s workout involves four short sessions a week, that can be broken down into manageable chunks 


Weight: Unknown  

Size: 16 

I have always loved to keep fit as it’s great for body and mind, and I used to go to gym classes three or four times a week for eight months running.  

Then, I got pregnant and had complications. I got really depressed, as you can imagine

Than I picked myself up and I had a personal trainer for nine months to get back into shape and gain my confidence again, but I lifted a lot of weights and hurt my back badly so I had to stop.

Shortly after I got pregnant again, I had a miscarriage in the second month. 

Janette Hutt, 44, from Essex used to love being active but had to give up her gym regime because of a back injury. She also turned to food for comfort after suffering a miscarriage. Sue wears a top and leggings from Souluxe at Matalan 

I felt lost and depressed, finding comfort in food. I am usually a very confident person and I felt ashamed to ask for any help

I took part in reality show last year in Slovakia called FARMA 8 and it was happiest time of my life as I felt trouble free and I really enjoyed to be cut out of outside world, to live on basically no food.

I gained my confidence back and I really appreciate life especially things we take for granted.

I love food and wine occasionally, always have and it’s in my genes that I have to watch what I eat.

I am really excited to be part of MyBody by Myleene, and I’ll try my best. I just need to feel strong as never before and keep fighting and achieving.

LEMA AHMET, 22, London

Weight: 13.8 stone 

Size: 16

‘I’ve spent years of constantly putting on and losing weight,’ Lema explained.

‘I’ve never managed to stick to something in my entire life whenever it has come to my weight.

‘But this time round I have to do something for myself and achieving a goal which is to lose weight and be healthy.’

Lema is sick of the cycle of losing weight and putting it back on, and wants to find a more sustainable solution. Left: Lema wears a New Balance top and leggings and (right) a Dorina sports bra 

Myleene explained that the workouts can be broken down into manageable chunks that fit into a busy day 


Weight:  15 stone

Size: 20

‘It is purely for health reasons,’ she explained. The older you get, you see loved ones taken ill. 

‘It makes you realise that something has to be done.

‘I am very outgoing and confident, so I’m not doing it to look better. I just need to get healthier and it is also something that I can do at home.’  

Confident Miranda Gill, 46, from London is happy with her body as it is, but wants to embrace a fitness regime to improve her health. Left: Miranda wears the Air Control with patented Delta Pad bra by Anita Active and New Balance leggings. Right: Miranda wears New Balance leggings and a Freya Active Flex Tank Top 

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