Gigi Hadid Is Back With Zayn Malik, According To Her Engraved Hoop Earrings, Says ‘Us Weekly’

If you look closely at Gigi’s large hoop earrings, you can see why people think she’s back together with Zayn.

Although Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik took a break in March, it seems like the couple is back together. Us Weekly pointed out that the proof is right there in the open, just check out her earrings!

Gigi was photographed in New York City on July 18 wearing a casual chic outfit. She wore light blue jeans, a white T-shirt that says “The Class of Versace,” and a cross-body white bag. But the most important detail is her large, gold Svelte Metals Amelia hoop earrings. Apparently, if you zoom into the photo enough, you can see that one says “Gigi” and another says “Zayn.”

Earlier, Zayn told fans that “We don’t need to put a label on it,” after being seen together with Gigi after their breakup in March. And when Zayn failed to follow Gigi on Instagram, Hadid simply said, “My eyes are tattooed on his chest, I don’t need to follow.”

The couple’s on-again-off-again relationship has set off rumors and accusations by fans, which no doubt has been easy for the two. Early this month, a user named “ExposingFakeeAssZigii” said that their relationship was a “publicity stunt.”

This got Gigi upset enough that she responded publicly to the user in a super long message, reacting to the accusations.

“The energy you put into this does not serve you our [sic] your life in any way kids…. truly ‘beating a dead horse.’ You guys can call it promo but I just post about my boyfriend like anyone else, whether I support z or he supports me is out of love and excitement for one another.”

Another fan asked Gigi if maybe she should have sent the user a DM instead, after which she apologized and said that “I see your point that it should have been a direct message, and I agree- just didn’t think of it,” detailed Us Weekly.

Gigi recently opened up about her other aspirations, other than modeling. Apparently, she was a criminal psychology major at New School. But all along, it looked like modeling was going to be her path, because she signed with IMG Models after starting college, reported Harper’s Bazaar.

Her modeling career took off pretty quickly after that, as she was featured in high-profile ad campaigns for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and even taking part in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Meanwhile, Zayn has been busy promoting his latest single, “Sour Diesel” and the dark music video that was produced for the song.

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