Glam gran rubs oil onto breasts to ‘get them firmer’ as she flaunts results

Glam gran Gina Stewart often wows fans with her age-defying looks.

And now the 51-year-old, who dubs herself the 'world's hottest gran', has revealed one of her big beauty secrets.

The Australian social media star shares many of her health and fitness tips over on her @ginastewarthealth Instagram account.

And now she's revealed how she achieves firmer breasts naturally – and it involves olive oil.

The blonde bombshell says she rubs the oil onto her breasts to help get them firmer.

She claims the oil has polyphenols which reduce inflammation and prevent sagginess.

Addressing her Instagram followers, Gina wrote: "THE SECRET TO BIGGER FIRMER BREASTS NATURALLY.

"Olive oil has polyphenols which are very beneficial for your skin.

"Polyphenols reduce inflammation, protects from sun damage, prevent premature aging signs (sagginess, spots, wrinkles), acne, etc and a regular massage is a very effective way to get all the benefits of olive oil."

She added: "Olive oil is one of the best magical remedies for breast health.

"Researches show that regular breast massage increases the blood circulation to keep your breast tissues healthy and reduces the risk of cancer.

Gina believes you can achieve these seven "benefits" by rubbing oil into your skin…

  1. Massaging olive oil on breasts stimulates the tissues to improve elasticity and tone
  2. Massage improves the circulation of blood to make your breasts feel relaxed, healthier and firmer
  3. The massaging process is also very helpful to remove harmful toxins from the body
  4. Olive oil on breasts massage can also be helpful for breast enlargement as it tightens and tones the tendons
  5. Massaging breast produces three anti-aging hormones respectively prolactin, and estrogen which helps you look younger
  6. Massage also produces oxytocin which is known as the ‘love hormone’, decreases stress and depression
  7. Breast massage also improves the sensitivity of breasts which is really helpful to increase the pleasure while sex.

Concluding her post, she wrote: "Personally I use coconut oil, olive oil or rosehip oil, all totally natural and loaded with polyphenols."

Alongside the caption, Gina shared a photo of her perky chest as she wore a skimpy silver bikini.

The gran teamed the swimwear with immaculate makeup, which included long, fluttery eyelashes and pink lips.

Meanwhile, her golden locks were styled into loose curls.

Fans were loving the tip, as many left her some cheeky comments.

Referencing the hack, one sassy follower quipped: "You're the perfect example of that Gina."

While another told her: "Gina beans if you ever need a breast massage, feel free to ask anytime."

The post comes after Gina also recently said that she believes jumping on trampoline without bra "slows ageing".

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