Go ahead, have hate sex with your ex

Turns out, sex with an ex won’t stop you from getting closure.

A new study from Wayne State University found that — far from harmful — having sex with an ex may even help people heal faster from breakups.

Researchers followed a group of 113 singles who recently went through a breakup and surveyed their emotional attachments to their partners two months later. They also surveyed a second group of 372 participants, who reported their actual and attempted sexual engagement with their ex-partners, and whether they were still emotionally attached to their former flames.

The study found that most participants got down and dirty with their exes, but the act did not influence how they felt about the relationship. They also found that people who slept with their exes weren’t distressed — the rendezvous actually left them feeling more positive about their lives.

“This research suggests that societal handwringing regarding trying to have sex with an ex may not be warranted,” Stephanie Spielmann, a psychology professor at Wayne State University and author of the study, wrote in a press release. “The fact that sex with an ex is found to be most eagerly pursued by those having difficulty moving on, suggests that we should perhaps instead more critically evaluate people’s motivations behind pursuing sex with an ex.”

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