Gold Cup 2020 sweepstake kit: Download your free Cheltenham kit for today’s huge race – The Sun

A SWEEPSTAKE with your mates is one of the best things about the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

And now you can download a kit for the big race on Friday and find out who will get the bragging rights with their winning selection.

All you've got to do is download the sweepstake kit below, and print it off.

Cut out all the horses and place them in a bag or bowl.

Once you've picked your horse, make sure you right down who you have!

You could charge £2 per pick and then decide whether you want to give the whole pot to the winner or give something to the runner-up. Good luck!

What is a sweepstake and how to you play?

A sweepstake is the most democratic way of betting on the Gold Cup.

The names of all 12 horses go into a hat – all you have to do is put some money into the kitty and pull one out.

You could get the favourite or you could get a 100/1 outsider.

That is the beauty of the sweepstake.

No form. No jargon. No tips. Just you, a hat and the luck of the draw.

Every year, you end up hating your colleague in the office or your pal down the pub who picks the winner.

But you never know… this year it could be you.


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