Grandmother gives birth to her own grandchild as daughter doesn't have womb

‘I was heartbroken at the idea that I wouldn’t carry my own child. I’d always known that I wanted to be a mum, even at 15,’ said Tracey.

‘Straight after my diagnosis mum made an offer to do what she could to help. I knew that she meant one day she’d carry my child for me.

‘Over the years she mentioned it in passing but we never really made a firm plan.’

After struggling with laws surrounding surrogacy, Tracey and Adam decided to approach Emma to see if she still meant her offer.

They were delighted to hear she did and had been waiting to be asked.

‘Every moment of heartache was so worth it just to have our little bundle in our arms,’ added Tracey.

‘I am so grateful to mum for her amazing gift to us.’

‘It was such an incredible, emotional moment [when Evie was born]. I was so nervous that everything would go well for mum and for the safe arrival of our baby.

‘I just waited to hear that cry and burst into happy tears.’

Emma, a supermarket worker from Lampeter, west Wales, lost six stone and took hormone tablets to prepare her body for the pregnancy.

Using IVF, doctors took an egg from Tracey and fertilised it with Adam’s sperm in a laboratory. The embryo was then implanted into her mother’s womb.

Against the odds, it was successful at the first attempt. Evie was born then by Caesarean section after a routine pregnancy.

Surrogate mother Emma said she was gutted when her daughter was first diagnosed.

‘I remember sitting on her bed and saying, “I’m here if you need me”,’ she said.

‘Despite my age I wasn’t worried about giving birth at all. All of my focus has been about doing this special thing for my daughter.

‘I don’t feel any more attachment to Evie than any other proud grandmother.

‘Tracey is my baby and I did it all for her to be a mother. I’m glad to be back to work and getting back to normal, but I have offered to do it all again if they ever want a little brother or sister for Evie.’

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